• Electrical India
  • Jul 7, 2018

Push-in connection technology by Phoenix Contact 

Push-in technology is the new modular terminal block generation in the CLIPLINE complete system. 

 Push-in technology is the new modular terminal block generation in the CLIPLINE complete system. The push-in technology with up to 50 per cent lower insertion forces provides user-friendly wiring with maximum contact quality never previously reached. Pullout forces are 5 times the IEC requirement direct push in of ferruled wire can be accomplished with the lower insertion force, and stripped, stranded wire is easily terminated using the orange indicator push button.

  Push-in technology terminal blocks are also based on the compression spring principle, but they set new standards for ease of use and ergonomics. Up to now, only rigid cables the size of the terminal’s nominal cross section had sufficient stiffness for tool-free and relatively practical wiring of comparable products. Push-in technology terminal blocks, however, work with plug-in forces reduced by approximately 50 per cent.

  With the new terminal principle, flexible cables with ferrules starting at 0.14 sq.mm. to 185 sq.mm. can be connected directly to the terminal point without tools. According to the manufacturer, the push-in technology terminal block with stripped stranded wire also offers time savings (35 per cent) over traditional spring cage, with ease of use and identification. Metal parts made of corrosion-free, high-grade copper alloys which provides good electrical conductivity, low temperature rise, surface protected by a lead-free, galvanic nickel or tin plating, leg springs made of high-strength stainless steel.

Additional benefits of push-in technology

• Vibration resistance according to railway standard DIN EN 50155
• Shock and corrosion resistance according to current shipbuilding registers
• Certified for process engineering for increased safety (Ex e).

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