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Energywise – Performance Status All India – Regionwise

Period: Apr-2018 Vis-A-Vis Apr-2017 and Apr-Apr-2018 Vis-A-Vis Apr-Apr-2017.

L&T JV secures order for Nuclear Steam Generator Forgings

It has received an order worth ₹442 Crore from NPCIL to supply forgings for steam generators.

Nuclear Energy & Challenge for India

The challenge for the nuclear community is to assure that nuclear power remains a viable option in meeting the energy requirements of the next century. It could be a major provider of electricity for base load as well as for urban transport in megacities. It can play a role in non-electric applications in district heating, process industries, maritime transport.

Glimpse of Nuclear Power Sector in India

This article discusses the various economic aspects and status of nuclear power generation and transmission in context with Indian Power Sector. Details of various nuclear power plants along with Nuclear Research centers are included. Data from various sources has been collected and compiled in order to provide readers with correct information regarding the status of nuclear power generation in India... - Dr Anuradha Tomar, Shikhar Agrawal,  Ayush Mittal

Addressing Energy Needs & Environmental Challenges

Nuclear energy can make a valuable contribution to worldwide socio-economic development. In this article, the need of nuclear energy to meet the growing energy needs, the present scenario in India and in the world, the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy for environmental safety and the international measures taken for nuclear safety are discussed. If the growing world economy continues to rely on traditional thermal energy sources, carbon emissions would significantly rise and environmental consequences like greenhouse effect, global warming, and climate change would progressively become a serious cause for concern... - Chandrika L Kulkarni

 5 Points to Note on India’s Nuclear Power Programme

It is quite satisfactory to note that in 2015, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has seen major achievements in the field of civil nuclear cooperation…

Peeping Into The Indian Power Sector

In the last around two years, Indian power sector has grown at a very fast pace. Some of the plans, although made by the previous government, they could not accelerate their execution process. The present government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Minister of State (IC) for Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy Piyush Goyal; has been successfully driving the sector towards an all round success. They have for the first time outpaced the growth rate of several areas under this sector…  - P K Chatterjee

Nuclear Energy – Are We Sitting On A Ticking Bomb?

A study conducted at Jadugoda showed that 4.49% of the new born children had congenital deformities and 9.25% of the mothers reported deaths of their children due to congenital deformities... - Anuj Mahajan

Nuclear Power And The Challenge Of Climate Change

The challenge is that we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants – and yet provide affordable power to allow for improved standards of living to the global population... - Shah Nawaz Ahmad

Powering India Steps For The Coming Days

India needs reliable and high quality power supply at all places for its all round growth. As the major portion of our power comes from thermal power plants, where coal is the mostly used fuel, the union government has already taken steps to ensure a smooth supply of coal to all those plants. The government is also working on expanding our transmission capability and modernising the distribution system… -P K Chatterjee

Improving Energy Efficiency

Motorized fluid handling machinery such as air compressors and pumps consume nearly 40 to 60% electric power used by the industry. A large number of such systems installed in our process and power plants, either operate under degraded efficiency conditions due to service induced deterioration of the equipment – or operate far from the optimal operating point on the characteristic curve due to over design or mismatch with the demand or process requirements… - Dr G S Grewal, Bhavesh Vasiyani 

Towards Zero Emission of Greenhouse Gases

For decades climate scientists have warned to limit the human influence on ecosystem and climate that led to global warming and climate change. Now they say we have very little time to act. The Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC), a global institution that studies climate change, has recently released another alarming report that bespeaks the increasing harm we humans are doing to the environment in the form of greenhouse gases emissions. This disrupts the climate more and raises global warming. There should be zero emission of greenhouse gases by 2100, the report suggests, if there has to be no further rise in the temperature. That means, all nations have to phase out the usage of fossil fuel by end of this century. - J Devaprakash
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