Parallel Operation of Transformers

Loading considerations for paralleling transformers are simple unless kVA, percent impedances, or ratios are different. - Jignesh Parmar


Strategic mapping of Indian electrical equipment industry - Subhajit Roy, Group Editor

Transformer Trends

Highlighting the key technological developments in Power Transformers and Distribution Transformers. - Dr G D Kamalapur

AccuLoss Loss Measurement System

AccuLoss is a complete three-phase transformer measuring system designed for power frequency testing and calibration of medium and large power transformers, large motors and turbines.

“Esennar contributes to infrastructural advancement”

Sridhar Reddy Arumalla, Managing Director, Esennar Transformers sheds light on Indian power and distribution transformers in an e-mail interaction with Electrical India.

HPS distribution transformers for indoor & outdoor applications

HPS offers distribution transformers in both dry-type and oil filled technology utilising the best insulating materials.

Benefits of HVDS for Agriculture

Implementation of high voltage distribution system (HVDS) for agriculture consumers will result in reduction in losses, increase in energy saving and improve voltage profile.

Innovative Current Transformer Testing

This article describes an innovative solution to test current transformers at all lifecycle stages by using a sophisticated testing method known as “the modeling concept”.

Smart Transformer for Smart Grid Operation

As an integral part of the Smart Grid, smart transformers work independently to constantly regulate voltage and maintain contact with the smart grid in order to allow remote administration if needed and to provide information and feedback about the power supply and the transformers themselves.

Best ways to test transformer oil

Testing of oil plays a vital role in keeping transformers running efficiently and effectively. Here’s a comprehensive analysis on the different ways to test transformer oil.
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Power Sector in 2019 & Beyond

Indian power sector is poised to attract investments worth Rs 11,55,652 crore between 2017 and 2022. Let’s see what’s in store for power sector in 2019 and beyond. By Subhajit Roy, Group Editor

A Long Way to Go for Smart Meters

Smart metering is still in its infancy, as there is no large-scale execution of smart metering system. It is required to start progressing of customers, wherein an end user can get the return on investment (RoI) of smart meter. – Supriya A Oundhakar, Associate Editor