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Energy Saving

Ac Induction Motor

Using Automatic Star-Delta-Star Starter

An AC induction motor can be single phase, poly-phase, brushed or brushless. Since industries are consuming major part of the power, we have to concentrate on energy saving from this area...
Mechanical Energy Storage Market Overview Pg 17


- Presented to you by the - Electrical India Content Team A report presented by the Prescient and Strategic (P&S) Intelligence observed that the global...
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Genset Market on an upward trend

By the Electrical India content team Digitisation refers to generating the demand for huge volumes of data that thereafter leads to increasing demand for data...
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Motor Current Signature Analysis

Many condition monitoring methods including vibration monitoring, thermal monitoring, chemical monitoring require expensive sensors or specialised tools whereas current monitoring out of all does not require additional sensors - Ankush N Bahale

Energy Conservation in Belts and Drives

This article showcases the case studies of few industry segments, where one can find the energy loss in the power transmission from the motor to machine by the belts and pulley drives. - S Ashok, K S Subramanian