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Energy Saving

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is nothing but a strategic use of energy in order to reduce the energy requirements per unit output. Energy conservation in domestic sector is a good point to start as about 20 to 30% of the total energy generated is utilised for domestic purpose, which is a considerable share...   - Vishal Kumar Gaur & Bhavesh R Bhalja
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To what extent can MSMEs turn its attention to Renewables?

There is endless debate in favour and against the fruitful outcome of the recent Rs. 20 Lakh Cr package announced by the Government. However,...
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There is an urgent need to understand the challenges faced by the motor manufacturers especially the MSMEs and how they can contribute in adoption of IE3 motors quickly. - Abhishek Dhupar, Manager–Motor & Motor Driven Systems, ICAI

Ingeteam’s simulation models to expedite wind power grid integration

With each wind farm grid conditions demanding specific and stringent requirements, complex modelling is paramount to solve grid connectivity and stability challenges. In particular, the...
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Motor Current Signature Analysis

Many condition monitoring methods including vibration monitoring, thermal monitoring, chemical monitoring require expensive sensors or specialised tools whereas current monitoring out of all does not require additional sensors - Ankush N Bahale

Public EV charging infrastructure to come up in Noida soon

Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a joint venture of PSUs under the Ministry of Power, Government of India, has signed an agreement with the...

Energy Conservation in Belts and Drives

This article showcases the case studies of few industry segments, where one can find the energy loss in the power transmission from the motor to machine by the belts and pulley drives. - S Ashok, K S Subramanian
Sumitomo Electric

Sumitomo Electric develops Powder Magnetic Cores for Axial Gap Motors

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has developed a powder magnetic core for axial gap motors, which are advantageous for creating thin and high-performance motors (in...
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Siemens and Uniper join forces to de-carbonise power generation

By the Electrical India content team Uniper and Siemens Gas and Power signed a cooperation agreement for the development of projects on the de-carbonisation of...
Ac Induction Motor

Using Automatic Star-Delta-Star Starter

An AC induction motor can be single phase, poly-phase, brushed or brushless. Since industries are consuming major part of the power, we have to concentrate on energy saving from this area...
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Genset Market on an upward trend

By the Electrical India content team Digitisation refers to generating the demand for huge volumes of data that thereafter leads to increasing demand for data...
Abb Motor

ABB launches new series of high-output motors

ABB launches a new range of M3BP motors for its industrial customers in India, providing the most cost-efficient and sustainable solution based on customers’ needs.
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Looking forward: The Kite Generator System (KGS)

We are survivors. Yes! India has successfully reached ‘Unlock 1,’ and Mumbai is once again gearing up to fight COVID-19. That apart, we also...

10 Tips to Save Energy and Money with Electric Motors

With over 30 years of experience in motor control, Fairford Electronics is uniquely positioned to provide honest, unbiased and reliable information.
p2p electric vehicle charging


- The Electrical India Content Team On the 13th of May 2020, a new report by Grand view Research Inc. indicated the global peer-to-peer (P2P)...

Crusher Motor Powered By UMPS Drive

This article intends to establish how Primary Crusher motor will continue crushing for 15 minute with backup power through uninterrupted motive power supply (UMPS) drive in case of blackout without requiring to be oversized in its rating, so that no jamming occurs in crusher ....
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- Presented to you by the - Electrical India Content Team A report presented by the Prescient and Strategic (P&S) Intelligence observed that the global...

Using Pumps With Caution

Different fluids have varying characteristics and are usually pumped under different conditions. It is therefore very important to know all relevant product and performance data before selecting a pump... - Dr S S Verma
prioritization of power distribution


- The Electrical India Content team  The Union government’s move to privatize electricity distribution companies (DISCOMs) in the eight Union Territories to ease economic adversity...

Improving Energy Efficiency

Motorized fluid handling machinery such as air compressors and pumps consume nearly 40 to 60% electric power used by the industry. A large number of such systems installed in our process and power plants, either operate under degraded efficiency conditions due to service induced deterioration of the equipment – or operate far from the optimal operating point on the characteristic curve due to over design or mismatch with the demand or process requirements… - Dr G S Grewal, Bhavesh Vasiyani