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Intelligent Coal Fired Thermal Power Plants – Next generation automation to accommodate high renewable...

The requirement for making coal fired stations intelligent arises from the beed for highly efficient plant operation and asset management on one hand and wide scale penetration of renewable energy (solar  photovoltaic and wind) into the grid which results in rapid cycling of the thermal plants, on the other hand. Ramping up or down of thermal plants hitherto was through manual load setting or through the free governor mode of operation. With the entrance of  rapidly varying renewable generation, the need for automatic load setting on the thermal plants through intelligent features arises... - M. Siddhartha Bhatt,  N. Rajkumar

ABB to provide integrated automation and electrical systems for Emami Cement in Odisha

Emami is setting up advanced and energy-efficient cement plants to meet the future demand of cement coming out of steadily rising infrastructure spend in the country.

IoT in Energy Sector

The article discusses introduction of IoT in power sector, leading to make the grid smarter, reliable, efficient and robust. - Dr. Sarat Kumar Sahoo, Archit Srivastava  

IoT in Power System

IoT technology used in overhead transmission lines not only carry out line state monitoring but also improve the perception of power transmission line in operation condition, including meteorological conditions, ice cover, ground wire breeze vibration, conductor temperature and sag, transmission line windage yaw, tower inclination and others…


Siemens Process Bus Technology, which involves positioning a merging unit close to the instrument transformer, has been installed at the new high-voltage substation in...
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- By the Electrical India Content Team Twice as fast and half as heavy: this is what makes the linear motor robot from FIBRO LÄPPLE...

Schneider Electric to buy Larsen & Toubro’s Electrical & Automation business

Schneider Electric, partnering with Temasek, has reached an agreement to buy Larsen & Toubro’s Electrical & Automation business and will combine it with its Low Voltage & Industrial Automation Products business in India

Schneider Electric enables sustainable rail infrastructure in India

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, launches EcoStruxureTM Rail in India. Through this end-to-end digital solution, the...
Modernizing Power Grid Infrastructure

Modernizing Power Grid Infrastructure

CoMPAS is the first of many leveraged collaboration projects in LF Energy’s DSAS initiative.

Quality Engineered Rolling Shutters from Gandhi Automations for better safety and durability

Rolling shutters have always been considered as one of the most dependable addition to any building due to their safety, durability, maintenance and ease...

Smart Distribution

The article highlights need of automation and IT application in power distribution. - Ashok Upadhyay
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PC-based control optimises logistics applications

Open control technology for warehouse and distribution logistics.


Soft starter consists of a number of anti-parallel thyristors- 2 per phase. On applying voltage across these thyristor banks and varying the firing angle...

Digital services save time in design

2D/3D CAD data, data sheets, type sheets and certificates are available...
ABB Electrification to offer free digital solutions throughout 2020

ABB Electrification to offer free digital solutions throughout 2020

Effective March 27 and until the end of the calendar year, ABB Electrification will waive the fee for 12 months for all new subscriptions for its iUPSGuard software for hospitals, and for all new or renewed subscriptions for its ABB Ability™ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) capabilities.

Demand Estimation & Power Distribution

'Assured and quality electric supply' is one of the core infrastructure elements of the smart city. The backbone to drive this objective is to implement an efficient and intelligent power distribution system. The trigger for an efficient power distribution network begins with the demand assessment. The methodology for arriving at the optimum demand assessment and planning of power distribution network for a smart city is deliberated in this article... - D Geethalakshmi, Fazlullah Syed
Renewable Energy, Green Power Electricity, Energy Conservation, Sustainable Energy, Environments, Solar power | Why Smart Automation is Must? - Electrical India Magazine on Power & Electrical products, Renewable Energy, Transformers, Switchgear & Cables

Why Smart Automation is Must?

Unlike earlier times, home automation no longer falls under the uber luxury category, nor it is branded for the likes of wealthy and tech...
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Securing Smart Grid from Cyberattacks

This article discusses the major challenges and strategies to protect smart grid against cyberattacks. - Dr L Ashok Kumar

Oklahoma Gas and Electric to upgrade its communication network

OGE Energy's partnership with Dobsor Fiber provides OGE with an opportunity to enhance its grid automation, monitoring and operational technologies while also mitigating the risk of wireless interference as FCC regulations evolve...

Ingeteam’s simulation models to expedite wind power grid integration

With each wind farm grid conditions demanding specific and stringent requirements, complex modelling is paramount to solve grid connectivity and stability challenges. In particular, the...