Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Which factors affect the power supply quality?

The harmonious and uniform standards should be specified by the State Regulatory Commissions to serve the best interest of the utilities and consumers connected to the national grid. - Ashok Upadhyay
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DISCOM Health Card

Improvement in operating efficiency, timely pass-through of cost variations to the consumers, financial discipline in realising subsidy payments and dues from government departments remain crucial for achieving a sustainable improvement in discom finances. - Sabyasachi Majumdar

‘Need to bring drastic reforms in power distribution’

IEEMA’s Annual Convention ‘Transformative Reforms’ was inaugurated by Subhash Chandra Garg, Secretary, Ministry of Power. The Convention witnessed the presence of around 270 delegates from the electrical equipment industry.

Future Of Transmission Line

There is a need for information on the attempts of EHV transmission and experiences during installation. Sharing new design concepts, tower construction ideas, operation and maintenance aspects of these EHV lines will help in avoiding duplication of efforts... - Ravi Kant Kumar, Girish A Kulkarni

Reactive Power Management & Voltage Control to avoid Blackouts

Series compensation increases the transmission capacity and improves the stability of a power system. Since transmission line itself consumes reactive power as it transmits the active power... - Rajesh Chourishi
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Artificial Intelligence: An Advanced Approach in Power Systems

This article elucidates the application of Artificial Intelligence methods in power system expansion. - Rajesh Chourishi

POWERGRID, NTPC MoU to set-up pan-India power distribution venture

An agreement has been signed between NTPC Limited and POWERGRID for setting up National Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. (NEDCL) - a pan-India power distribution firm in an equal joint venture through JVC on 50:50 equity basis.

Driving Energy Efficiency Across Industries

Safety, reliability, energy efficiency and lower carbon trails are some of the key benefits of smart power in homes, buildings and industries... - Ashutosh Shukla

Trends in Underground Cables

The type of underground cable to be used at a particular location is determined by the voltage at which it is re-quired to operate. Underground cables are classified and used at a particular location as per their voltage rating. - Munazama Ali

Indian Journey from Grids to Smart Grid

For making electricity readily available in all parts of India, current means of production and transmission and distribution are not capable. We need smart grids to achieve this goal. Therefore, research and innovation in this area is a must for a cleaner and more advanced India.

Simulation & Analysis Of Static Synchronous Series Compensator

With the increasing size and complexity of the transmission networks, the performance of the power systems decreases due to problems related with the load flow, power oscillations and voltage quality. Flexible AC Transmission (FACTS) offers effective schemes to meet these demands...  - Dr G D Kamalapur

Open Access with Blockchain enabled Smart Metering

Blockchain technology is expected to extend the benefits of investments in renewable energy microgrids and a change of ecosystem to the consumers through open access. - Dr. Vithal N. Kamat

Distribution Network Pricing Models And Issues 

For success of power sector reforms and provision of services of specified standards to consumers, it is necessary that distribution segment should be technically and commercially efficient... - Jayesh G Priolkar, Abhinay Gupta

“Power distribution sector needs reforms”

As electricity is core for all developments, therefore without distribution reforms in respect of market conditions, desired economic development may not be achieved. Manoj Kumar Upadhyay, Deputy Adviser (Energy & International Cooperation Vertical), NITI Aayog.
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By Subhajit Roy, Group Editor

Powering India Steps For The Coming Days

India needs reliable and high quality power supply at all places for its all round growth. As the major portion of our power comes from thermal power plants, where coal is the mostly used fuel, the union government has already taken steps to ensure a smooth supply of coal to all those plants. The government is also working on expanding our transmission capability and modernising the distribution system… -P K Chatterjee
New Products Information, Latest Technology, free resources, white papers, Planning & Design| energy & power industry | The article gives a glimpse of functionalities of power grid, its automation and control system, communications. Potential cyberattacks and their adverse impacts on power grid operation are discussed, a general SCADA cyberattack process is presented. The article also discusses the major challenges and strategies to protect smart grid against cyberattacks


The article gives a glimpse of smart grid technology that represents an unprecedented opportunity to move the energy industry into a new era of reliability, availability, and efficiency. - Dr. Lata Gidwani

KEC International Wins New Order of Rs 1,496 crore

KEC International has secured new turnkey order of Rs 1,496 crore in its Transmission & Distribution business in Bangladesh for design, supply and installation of 400 kV Meghnaghat – Madunaghat Double Circuit Transmission Line.

Automating Low Voltage Distribution Networks Using Sensor Technologies

Wireless sensors can play a key role in sensing the growth in energy demand and prompting actions to control this demand during peak hours. Intelligent electronic appliances fitted with sensors can communicate with the electric grid in real time to switch off or defer operation to cheaper off-peak hours, thus helping in energy balancing during peak loads... - Jayant Sinha

Ancillary Services for Power Sector 

Ancillary services are value-added services towards supporting and improving reliability, security and quality of power. Owing to increasing competition among power players, deregulation, restructuring of power sector etc., the role of ancillary services has become very critical for smooth operation of power systems... - Jayesh G. Priolkar