Monday, March 30, 2020
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Power Scenario in Kerala

With respect to installed capacity, Kerala stands at 16th position with approximately 1.66% of the total in the country. The per capita consumption of power in Kerala has been 549 units which is much lower than the National Average of 1010 units as observed during FY 2014-15…

Essar Power commissions 337-km, 400 kV Mahan-Sipat transmission line

The 400 kV lines will help Essar Power’s 1,200 MW Mahan Thermal Power Plant in Madhya Pradesh to evacuate its entire generation.

Indian Journey from Grids to Smart Grid

For making electricity readily available in all parts of India, current means of production and transmission and distribution are not capable. We need smart grids to achieve this goal. Therefore, research and innovation in this area is a must for a cleaner and more advanced India.
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Optimal Placement Techniques for Distributed Generation

Electrical power is transmitted through the transmission systems from the central generating stations to the end users using a series of distribution transformers and lines. From around 1990, there has been a growing interest in connecting generations directly to the distribution system, known as Distributed Generation (DG) or Distributed Energy Resources (DER). In some countries, a strict definition of distributed generation is made, based either on the rating of the plant or on the voltage level to which it is connected to the grid. However, these definitions usually follow technical documents. - P Pavani and Dr S N Singh

ABB to provide integrated automation and electrical systems for Emami Cement in Odisha

Emami is setting up advanced and energy-efficient cement plants to meet the future demand of cement coming out of steadily rising infrastructure spend in the country.

Solution for Transmission & Distribution Network

The smart grid is a self-healing network equipped with dynamic optimization techniques that use real-time measurements to minimize network losses, maintain voltage levels, increase reliability, and improve asset management...

Power Sector – A Glass Half Full

The sector is rightly poised to witness a strong growth subject to continued policy impetus. The tremors of the state’s unilateral action could jeopardise the bankability of projects and could risk the 175GW renewable plan of federal government, if left unchecked.

KPTL Received New Orders of RS 1,322 crore

Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited (KPTL), a leading global EPC player in the power and infrastructure contracting sector has secured new orders or notification of award of Rs 1,322 crore.

Power Scenario in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is one of the early achievers of 100% village electrification and has the largest wind and solar power generation capacity across the country. The state has been maintaining almost 24 hours power supply to all consumers.

Packaged Underground Cables Underground Smart Grid

The replacement of overhead cables providing an electrical power with underground cables is undergrounding. This serves the significant purpose of avoiding power lines from outages due to high wind thunderstorms or heavy snowfall or ice storms…

CG Installs Offshore Transmission Substation in Germany

Avantha Group Company, CG Power and Industrial Solutions Limited (CG) through its wholly-owned subsidiary at Belgium in consortium, fabricated the largest ever Offshore Transmission Substation.
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Minimization of Power Loss & Improvement in Voltage Profile of 11kV Feeder by Different...

One of the greatest and the most obvious problem that India & the other developing countries are facing today is the increasing demand of electricity and its poor supply. The rising gap between demand and supply of electricity is the major factor of concern to developing countries like India. The power generation cannot be increased over night, and involves lot of investments. However, the present day scenario can be improved if we apply some more scientific techniques and methods to reduce power loss in distribution system. - Rahul Sharma
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By Subhajit Roy, Group Editor

Smart Distribution

The article highlights need of automation and IT application in power distribution. - Ashok Upadhyay
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Is India on track to increasing capacity in the power sector? – Subhajit Roy, Group Editor

KEC International Wins New Order of Rs 1,496 crore

KEC International has secured new turnkey order of Rs 1,496 crore in its Transmission & Distribution business in Bangladesh for design, supply and installation of 400 kV Meghnaghat – Madunaghat Double Circuit Transmission Line.