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In an exclusive e-interview with Electrical India, Pradeep Verma (CMD), Accord Transformer & Switchgear (ATS) Private Limited, says, “ATS to satisfy our huge number of customers’ needs by combining excellence in service, engineering and manufacturing with sound business practice and community responsibility. These qualities are at the core of our culture.”

ABB Launches World’s First Digitally Integrated Power Transformer

The ABB Ability™ Power Transformer, unveiled at the 2018 Hanover Fair, in Germany, will be the world’s first integrated solution for digitally enabled power transformers, fundamentally changing the transformer paradigm.
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Growth Prospects of Transformer Oil

According to Global Market Insights release, the transformer oil market has been gradually emerging as one of the most profitable niche verticals of the...

Trends In The Standards For Dry Type Transformers

With the increasing use of Dry type transformers, it is important for the utilities and the regulators to have norms for losses for Dry type transformers – as we have norms for oil immersed transformers in form of star labelling programme... - Sailesh Purohit, Thomas Lim, Radoslaw Szewczyk

Uttam (Bharat) expects to grow substantially in coming year

"With huge potentiality in power and distribution market, we will continue to invest in building a strong technology capacity for a substantial growth in near future," shares Atul Agrawal, Managing Director, Uttam (Bharat) Electricals Pvt. Ltd.
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Transformer Trends

Highlighting the key technological developments in Power Transformers and Distribution Transformers. - Dr G D Kamalapur

HPS distribution transformers for indoor & outdoor applications

HPS offers distribution transformers in both dry-type and oil filled technology utilising the best insulating materials.

CTs In Electrical Diagnostics

The versatility and performance of Current Transformers (CTs) mean that many of the instruments used for testing and diagnostics of electrical insulation and earthing can be made smaller, lighter, safer, more reliable and less expensive... - Dr Stan Zurek

Keeping An Eye On Transformer Health

On-line dielectric condition monitoring of bushing and transformer insulation is essential for managing transformer health. MONTRANO continuously monitors the condition of insulation in bushings and transformers...

Reducing Stray Losses in Transformer

This article explains how stray losses in the transformer play a vital role in increasing the total losses of transformer and also suggests how the same can be reduced significantly to lowest most value by using magnetic shield which ultimately increased the life expectancy of transformer…

Maintenance Of Transformer

A few tips which can be useful in maintenance of power and distribution transformers.

Transformers Noise Level Analysis & Reduction Techniques

The subject of deciding such as the most appropriate method and conditions for accurately measuring the noise level of a transformer has been discussed in this article...

Innovative Current Transformer Testing

This article describes an innovative solution to test current transformers at all lifecycle stages by using a sophisticated testing method known as “the modeling concept”.
Case Study Efacec Power Transformers Testing Transformer


Carlos Carvalho, Director of Technology at EFACEC, discusses the benefits of software modelling in the design and test of transformers.
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Why Prequalification is becoming increasingly important

In order to select the new assets according to their technical feasibility before any pricing issues are evaluated, a prequalification process can be introduced that a manufacturer and their product have to undergo before applying for a tender.


Upholding the drive to sustainability, Tata Power has recently commissioned India’s largest natural ester filled 110 /33 / 22 kV, 125 MVA power transformer...

On A Threshold Of Transformation – India’s Transformer Industry

The Transformer market in India can be pegged at more than INR 12,000 Crores. Power Transformers contribute 45 percent of the total market and distribution transformers, 55 percent. Over the last two years, the market has grown at a very moderate rate at less than 4 percent...- Amol Kotwal

Diagnostic Testing On Transformers

Performing a range of standard electrical tests on a regular basis has proven to be an effective way of gaining reliable insight into the operating condition of transformers. But, this has been a time- and cost-intensive job in the past. A true three phase test system can really make a difference.

Discrete Wavelet Transform Based Differential Protection for Power Transformers

Transformers are a critical and expensive equipment in the power system network. They function as a node to connect two different voltage levels. Hence, the availability of their service is vital in maintaining the continuous power supply to consumers. Since many decades, differential protection provides the best overall protection for a power transformer to protect against faults... - Narri Yadaiah, Nagireddy Ravi

Power to Protect Transformers

As the world’s 3rd largest producer of transformer oil, APAR has developed the right capabilities and expertise to deliver quality and timely service to...