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Case Studies


Moving towards achieving most efficient use of energy, many programs have been brought out by Govt. of India to monitor and manage energy use...
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Parallel Operation of Transformers

Loading considerations for paralleling transformers are simple unless kVA, percent impedances, or ratios are different. - Jignesh Parmar
Case Study Efacec Power Transformers Testing Transformer


Carlos Carvalho, Director of Technology at EFACEC, discusses the benefits of software modelling in the design and test of transformers.

Case Studies Of The Transformers Failure Analyses

Collection of failure data is the first major task. In free repair service or in repair contract, very little effort is made by utilities to find out the root cause of failure, which could be one of the reasons why a damaged transformer is replaced by a new one without removing the cause of damage, leading to failure immediately or within a very short period... - Manish N Sinha, Palak Patel, Parth Shah, Maulik Doshi, Nishith Bhalodiya

Capacitance & Tan Delta Measurement of POWER TRANSFORMERS

A significant proportion of failures in electrical devices result from the deterioration of insulation. The implementation of routine, straightforward tests, along with prompt maintenance...

Design Reviews & Life Management Concepts

This paper explains importance of specifications, design reviews and life management concepts for reliable, uninterrupted and intended application of transformers throughout the life cycle. The specification forms the basis on which the manufacturer designs, manufactures and tests a transformer…- S. Kundu, P M Yadav, Ratnesh Talesara

Benefits of HVDS for Agriculture

Implementation of high voltage distribution system (HVDS) for agriculture consumers will result in reduction in losses, increase in energy saving and improve voltage profile.