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Elkem signs MoU with FREYR

Elkem and FREYR have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the potential commercial supply of battery materials from Elkem to FREYR's lithium-ion battery...
Metering Hpl Electric

HPL Electric & Power Ltd. develops state-of-the-art ‘R&D center for smart meters’

HPL Electric & Power Ltd. develops a new state of the art R&D centre at the HPL’s manufacturing facility at Gurugram, Haryana to produce new generation smart metering products.
Azelio Energy Storage Power

Azelio’s energy storage technology is more sustainable than lithium-ion batteries

The climate impact of Azelio's energy storage system (TES.POD) is significantly less than that of lithium-ion battery storage and dramatically less than that of...
Sany Battery Electric Truck Mixers

SANY introduces battery-electric truck mixers

SANY unveiled a full battery-electric version of its truck mixers, scheduled to be under the spotlight at bauma CHINA 2020.The light-weight designed model is...
Smart Thermal Testo 868

Smart and well-networked Thermal imager – testo 868

In the range of thermal imagers, testo 868 is one of the best considering its quality, measuring performance and impressive smart functions. Its integrated...
Dr Vivek Soni

“India will chart its own course of energy transition…”

Recently, in a free-wheeling interaction with Electrical India (EI) team, Dr Vivek Soni, Faculty of Management, PhD & MTech (IIT Delhi), and a Certified Independent Director -MoCA, Govt of India, revealed his observations and expectations from the ongoing developments in the Indian Power Sector. Here is the Part 1 of the interaction; remaining parts will appear in the next issues of EI…
Gridwise Grid Investments Economic Recovery

GridWise Alliance Launches Grid Investments for Economic Recovery

Steve Hauser, CEO, GridWise Alliance started a new initiative to advocate for the inclusion of funding for grid investments in any stimulus package Congress...
Testo Measuring Instrumentation

“A prominent position in the T&M industry…”

Established in 2006, Testo India Pvt. Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of Testo SE & Co. KGaA. In an exclusive interview with Electrical India, Parag Yelegaonkar, General Manager – Govt. Business, from the company fields questions from Abegail D’mello. Excerpts...
Indian Electricity Grid

Moving Towards Better Indian Electricity Grid Discipline – Part 2

The implementation of ABT was proving to be a successful tool for enforcing better grid discipline, also, as a way forward the commission and...
Power Electronics Components

Peeping into the PE Components

Developments in the field of Power Electronics (PE) are directly being influenced by the socio-economic, environmental and political forces. In fact, in the twenty-first century, the growth of the PE segment is complementary to the advancement of the societies and/or economies… - P. K. Chatterjee (P. K.)
Smart Asset Analytics Power Distribution


This paper presents an overview of industry trends and practices in the deployment of technologies needed to support the implementation of smart asset analytics in electricity distribution systems. The paper discusses the strategic opportunities and benefits in pursuing specific applications of smart asset analytics e.g., failure prediction, asset optimization and power distribution efficiency improvements, and the role of modern innovative practices in achieving them...
Cybersecurity Smart Grid

Cybersecurity Concerns for the Smart Grid in the Age of the Pandemic

Modern communication technologies like fibre optic lines, satellite communication etc,. have come forward to address the long-existing communication challenges between the substations...
Desertlink A Subsidiary Ls Power Energizes 500 Kv Transmission Project

DesertLink a Subsidiary of LS Power Energizes 500 kV Transmission Project

The project strengthens the connection between the California Independent System Operator grid and NV Energy's transmission system.
Genus Power To Supply 1.5m Smart Meters To Eesl

Genus Power to supply 1.5M Smart Meters to EESL

Genus Power has embarked on an ambitious programme on Smart Metering in line with the Smart Grid vision of the GoI. The company is currently exporting its products to the Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific regions.

Influence of high voltage on Electrical Equipment

In India, all electrical equipments are designed for 230 / 400 volts single / threephase. Voltage variation is a common phenomenon all over the...
Modernizing Power Grid Infrastructure

Modernizing Power Grid Infrastructure

CoMPAS is the first of many leveraged collaboration projects in LF Energy’s DSAS initiative.
Protection Issues Microgrid

Protection Issues in MICROGRID – A Synthetic View

The independent power systems - Microgrids are the most important solution to overcome the power blackout due to overloading of main electrical grid. As a localized power grid, microgrid has its own generation sources, and definable load systems.It also works with renewable energy sources for power generation which tends to the usage of storage resources according to the requirement. Microgrid can operate in line with the traditional grid as well it can be disconnected from the grid to operate autonomously. It tends to provide reliable, quality and efficient energy supply to customers. Apart from the major issues like power flow control, power quality, and stability still the implementation of microgrids pose some technical challenges at the protection level of microgrid. This study mainly focuses on the protection issues faced by microgrid and some possible remedies to overcome the technical challenges at the microgrid protection phase.
Ls Power 250 Mw Gateway Project California

LS Power reveals the 250 MW Gateway project in California

Gateway energy Storage to enhance grid stability and reliability, reducing energy costs for end-users.
Scenario Electrical Engineering Covid 19

Scenario Of Electrical Engineering During And Post COVID-19

In electrical engineering sector, the cash flow at all levels is getting hampered, which is one of the major concerns for all stakeholders.
Moving Towards Better Indian Electricity Grid Discipline

Moving Towards Better Indian Electricity Grid Discipline – Part 1

The Indian power sector has gone through many innovative reforms for improving the grid discipline. The implementation of the Availability Based Tariff (ABT) was the most economical approach to stabilize the varying grid frequency. This article is to appraise the major changes in the permissible operable frequency range by certain amendments in Indian Electricity Grid Code (IEGC) and it encompasses all the changes in the ABT. This article seeks to investigate the efficiency of the implementation of the availability based tariff by reviewing the frequency profile of the grid. The article also highlights one scenario where Indian power system exhibited excellent discipline when suddenly load fell by 31 GW in just 4-5 minute on 5th April, 2020.