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Renewable Power Scenario in Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is a region with immense potential for renewable energy projects. Considering the region’s vast potential to harness renewable resources and to promote clear energy, investment in this sector promises high returns.

Vast Potential for Development

India has vast potential for hydro power development. A major part of the unexploited potential exists in Himalayan and North Eastern regions. The hydro sector inherently poses few challenges primarily on account of risk associated with implementation that can be mitigated.

Hydro Turbine Control Solutions

Working as a part of your team, DEIF’s process helps to define problems, identify solutions and develop ideas in a manner which will provide the most successful and appropriate end results...

Future Perspective For Renewable Energy In India

The power generation shortfall in India is estimated at 11% of the total energy, and 15% of the peak capacity requirements and these figures are likely to increase. This is despite the fact that the country is already consuming more than 2 million barrels of imported oil a day – a figure that is growing by about 10 percent annually... - Jay B. Thakar

Investment In Renewable Power

Keeping in view the falling tariff in Solar PV, there has been talk of having competitive bidding in wind power also, however it would be a challenge to opt for competitive bidding in case of wind as the wind power is very site specific – even in locations which are high wind zone as compared to solar which is more widespread phenomenon... - Vijay Singh Bisht

Hydro Power Scenario In Tamilnadu

Tamil Nadu has been a pioneer State in the field of hydro power development in India. It is the only State in India where all of its economically exploitable hydro power potential has been harnessed. The State has the highest head hydro power plant in India and has developed every type of hydro power schemes: run off river & storage based schemes, surface & underground power houses, high head & low head plants, base load & peak load stations, single & multi-purpose schemes, conventional & pumped storage schemes, schemes in cascade development, inter-basin transfer of water for power generation etc... - M P Singh

Power Scenario Of Uttarakhand

Power sector plays a vital role in infrastructure and growth of economy of every state. Uttarakhand has grown at a faster rate in order to eliminate the differences between it and other existing states. An efficient and financially sound power sector is a prime factor for growth as well as poverty reduction. This article presents various power related aspects of Uttarakhand... - Simmi Sharma

Status Quo Of Maharashtra

Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Limited (MAHAGENCO) has the highest overall generation capacity and the highest thermal installed capacity amongst all the state power generation utilities in India... - Nitin Goel

A Necessity Of Hybrid AC/DC Microgrids In Indian Electricity Sector

The grid collapse can cause half of the population to face darkness focusing a need of reliable well monitored supply system. Hybrid AC/DC microgrid can be the answer to resolve this problem of energy scarcity and uncertainity of supply – particularly for remote, sparsely geographically rural population... - Dr. Mrs. G. A. Vaidya, Prof. Mrs. Kalyani M. Kurundkar

Ecological Concerns In Hydroelectric Power Development

One thing must be kept in mind that everything can be generated but water cannot. Once it is lost it will be lost forever, it cannot be generated. So, the need of the hour is to use this wonderful gift of god to meet our need not our greed... - Dr Mohinder Kumar Slariya
Planning & Design, Power & Energy Sector, Technology updates, latest updates on energy and Power Today | The power sector has been opened to the private sector mainly to bring in additionality to the resources…” - Electrical India Magazine on Power & Electrical products, Renewable Energy, Transformers, Switchgear & Cables

“The power sector has been opened to the private sector mainly to bring in...

As per India’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) the emissions intensity of its GDP is to be reduced by 33 to 35% by 2030 from 2005 level and about 40% cumulative electric power installed capacity is to be generated from non-fossil fuel based energy resources by 2030. Under such circumstances, how is the Indian hydro power segment grooming up to share the responsibility?
Renewable Energy, Green Power Electricity, Energy Conservation, Sustainable Energy, Environments, Solar power | The Potential Of Renewable Energy Sources In The Energy Sector In India - Electrical India Magazine on Power & Electrical products, Renewable Energy, Transformers, Switchgear & Cables

The Potential Of Renewable Energy Sources In The Energy Sector In India

India became the world's third largest producer of electricity in the year 2013 and accounts for 4.8% of global share in electricity generation. But its per capita electricity consumption is only 746 kWh, which is lower compared to many countries, though electricity tariff is cheaper in India. - Lekha Chandran

Grid Stability Is Must Before Ramping Up Capacity In Solar

Had the decision of high ADD imposed, there would have been severe setback to the capacity addition in solar. In fact, till the clarity on ADD came – many developers had kept their solar plans in abeyance as the projects which were awarded to them after tough competitive bidding would have become unviable... - Vijay Singh Bisht

Climate Change And Role Of Renewable Energy

Coal–fired power stations are the least carbon efficient power stations in terms of the level of carbon dioxide produced per unit of electricity generated, and gas is the best. On an average 2.095 pounds of carbon dioxide per unit of electricity generated is produced in coal-fired power plants... - Mayadhar Swain

Converter Topologies For Hybrid Power Generation Systems

A hybrid power generation system basically can be formed by using individual converters with each renewable energy source...  - M Ankush Kumar, PM Menghal, Dr A Jaya Laxmi

Challenges In Setting Up The Three Gorges Dam In China

Since the Chinese were looking for a mega project, which needed a location that could give maximum storable head of water (H) as well as maximum water flow rate (Q), they selected a gorge area along the Yangtze river for construction of the dam, where, besides minimum length of the dam, storage of water would provide the increased levels of both Q and H to deliver optimum power output... - C V Govinda Raju

Improving Energy Efficiency

Motorized fluid handling machinery such as air compressors and pumps consume nearly 40 to 60% electric power used by the industry. A large number of such systems installed in our process and power plants, either operate under degraded efficiency conditions due to service induced deterioration of the equipment – or operate far from the optimal operating point on the characteristic curve due to over design or mismatch with the demand or process requirements… - Dr G S Grewal, Bhavesh Vasiyani