AGC-4: Hot Standby

DEIF's AGC-4 features proven technology for a wide range of generation systems in critical power applications.

In a fast changing world of ever-increasing energy demands, you need a power controller that can dependably and efficiently ensure the continuous flow of power. DEIF’s AGC-4 features proven technology for a wide range of generation systems in critical power applications.

Increase the safety of system and negate the probability of loss of genset power by deploying DEIF’s solution for critical power applications. In DEIF’s redundant control system, two controllers operate in Hot Standby mode, with one as active controller while the other acts as a standby controller. The standby controller is connected to the active controller through CAN bus and remains updated with the latest events and information at all times. In case of any unexpected fault in the active controller, the standby controller
assumes control without any load or speed jumps during transition, thus ensuring continuous flow of power.

For critical applications, power outage is simply not an option. To provide continuous availability of power, you need DEIF who has proven technical expertise and problem solving capabilities. A single source of solution for mission critical power needs, DEIF guarantees continuous flow of power with highly dependable solutions.

DEIF’s advanced technologies combined with customer centric focus secures genset and grid protection, reliable efficient power to maintain uptime, lowering operating costs through fuel optimisation, for all sectors especially, so for healthcare, datacentres, telecommunications, industrial process control systems and television & radio broadcast systems. DEIF’s Automatic Genset Controller, AGC-4 offers complete and dependable engineered solutions for mission critical processes.

Critical Power Applications

Healthcare: DEIF offers state of the art critical power management solutions, in line with global standards, that demands restoration of emergency power supplies in less than 10 seconds. Installing AGC-4: Hot Standby DEIF solutions will give you peace of mind and
keep you assured that the patient laying on bed is safe.
Datacentres & Telecommunication: Datacentres are critical to many companies and downtime can cost millions of dollars through data loss and dissatisfied clients, resulting in lost business. DEIF product’s hot standby and redundancy features help the customers to solve their power challenges by keeping electricity flowing at mission critical datacentres so that customers serve their clients, solve problems and access data without any interruption.
Industry: DEIF delivers extensive product and service solutions to meet your unique industry challenges. Manufacturing facilities have a high continuous energy demand created by their production processes. Whether it’s chemical, pharmaceutical, glass making, metallurgy or automated production lines or any other manufacturing processes, DEIF has
designed, installed and serviced critical power control solutions that keep industrial operations powered and productive. DEIF offers products with wide range of features
that give you plenty to play with.
• Hot Standby – Change to backup genset controller on the fly.
• Close Before Excitation – Fast online energy backup by closing genset breakers before activating the alternator excitation system.
• Digital AVR Communication – Dynamic response.
• Redundancy – Increased performance through dual CAN lines, analogue and droop.
• Multiple Master – Extra security with master backup.
• DEIF Emulation – Safe and complete solution test for fast onsite installation and commissioning.
• Remote HMI Interface – To optimise daily operations of widely scattered genet.
• Lifetime Event Log – For close analysis and monitoring

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