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Energy Efficiency in Iron Ore Mining - Electrical India Magazine on Power & Electrical products, Renewable Energy, Transformers, Switchgear & Cables | Energy Efficiency in Iron Ore Mining - Electrical India Magazine on Power & Electrical products, Renewable Energy, Transformers, Switchgear & Cables

Energy Efficiency in Iron Ore Mining

The study aimed at assessing energy (electrical) performance of various equipment and systems having significant energy consumption and find scope for reduction in Iron ore open cast mines. - Kishor H. Bhusal, Avijit Nayak

Energy Management System

Electrical management is one solution for monitoring and controlling the usage of energy and take preventive and precautionary measures. - Mr Phaniraj, Mr Revanna

Tata Power’s ‘Club Enerji’ saves 4 MUs of Electricity in FY17-18

Club Enerji has cumulatively sensitised people across six cities- Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune & Bangalore and saved around 4 MUs of electricity in FY17-18.

Govt Launches Campaign to Promote Energy Efficiency

R K Singh, Minister of State (IC) for Power and New & Renewable launched a campaign to promote energy efficiency in the area of...

Wärtsilä Introduces New Hybrid Solar PV & Storage Solution

The technology group Wärtsilä introduces a new hybrid solar PV and storage solution.

Smart Metering for Smart Monitoring

The better outage management increased remote monitoring on power losses and controlling them and accurate billing are most important advantages of smart meters using AMI. Smart meter has a great role in smart grid and is considered as most important for future energy management...

Energy Management and Conservation

Energy management is a process by which a sector or an organisation can effectively manage how much energy they produce and how to control, monitor and conserve as much energy as they can while also generating enough energy to meet the demand of the customers...

NTPC IIMA joins hands for World Class Institute in Energy Management

India's power sector leader NTPC and top business school IIM-Ahmedabad revealed a joint initiative to create a world class research institute at NTPC School of Business for policy prescription and churn out management graduates with focus on energy sector.

GE reveals Innovative Energy Storage Platform

GE launched the GE Reservoir -  a comprehensive energy storage platform that delivers a suite of customised storage solutions to help customers address new challenges and seek new opportunities in a rapidly transforming power grid that is becoming more highly diversified and distributed.


STELPRO, a well known Canadian manufacturer of integrated heating solutions, extends its commitment to smart home automation by launching MAESTRO, the smart thermostat compatible with zoned electrical equipment.

Renewable Integrated Microgrids

It is essential to ensure that the available renewable sources are utilized in the best possible manner. In order to maintain uninterrupted power supply, the authors propose that a pump hydro storage unit is used to manage the intermittencies associated with renewable energy sources…

Revolutionizing Future Energy Infrastructure

Energy storage technologies can be employed to store the useful energy from renewable resources according to their availability and can be made use in future. They have the added benefits of improving stability, power quality, and reliability of supply...

Efficient Energy Consumption & Economic Growth

There is a need to navigate the energy transition for sustainable growth in socio-economic aspects of the country. Though the energy consumption per GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is higher, production of valuable goods is quite low in the country which shows that there is a need to improve the end-use efficiency. …

Energy Efficiency initiatives implemented by EESL help India

The World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, at the One Planet Summit in Paris, singled out the work done by EESL in the space of Energy Efficiency and called out EESL as a Star Performer.

“EESL seeks to be a $1.5 bn company by 2020”

Energy efficiency is a key component in the government’s bid to help India transform into a clean energy hub without significantly compromising upon its growth objectives. With implementation of various energy efficiency measures in various sectors such as agriculture, municipalities, buildings, domestic, industries a considerable quantum of electricity can be saved. EESL has already retrofitted over 35 lakh streetlights across 23 states and four Union Territories in the country, leading to an annual energy saving of 46.63 crore kWh to Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) while resulting in an avoidance of 117 MW peak demand as well as a reduction of 3.8 lakh tonnes of CO2 annually, states Saurabh Kumar, Managing Director, Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) in an interaction with Electrical India.

Power Electronics for Energy Efficiency

Power electronics deals with the conversion and control of electrical energy with the help of power semiconductor devices that operate in a switching mode, and, therefore, efficiency of power electronic apparatus may approach as high as 98–99%.

Comprehensive Energy Data Saves Money from Building to Machine

More than ever, managing energy consumption in buildings, production facilities and machines is critical to the success of a company. Making correct cost reduction decisions requires the ability to collect and process all energy-related data. Scalable energy data management systems integrated into PC-based control equipment cover everything from the building to the machine and even each individual motor.

Mitigation of Power Problems through Nanotechnology

In order to tap into the nanotechnology solution to electricity generation, transmission, storage and distribution, basic requirement is to have the complete knowledge of power system, and according to the papers regarding nanotechnology appropriate solutions can be found to the problems facing in power system…- Dr. Vikramaditya Dave, Er. Sujit Kumar

Smart Power Driving Energy Efficiency

Safety, reliability, energy efficiency and lower carbon trails are some of the key benefits of smart power in homes, buildings and industries... - Ashutosh Shukla

Large Scale Energy Storage Future

Thermal energy generators are expected to be phased out and not replaced as they age out. However, the biggest issue to be resolved will be the erratic generation from renewable sources, which is not controllable on demand. Solar plants operate only when sun is shining, while wind mills operate only in windy conditions. Renewable energy will have to necessarily depend on devices and facilities which can store the energy when available and dispense to loads as per demand... - R. P. Deshpande

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