Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Tips To Extend Battery Life

Ajay Sabharwal, Director, Everon Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. explains the most efficient ways to extend battery life.

DEIF ensures reliable power for hospital

Power outages force hospitals to look for alternate power sources, where diesel genset are the most favoured option for in-house power generation.

EV Charging Stations Market to be worth USD 30.41 bn by 2023

India, one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gases, has pledged to phase out petrol and diesel cars by 2030. This initiative by the Indian government is expected to create a huge demand for EVs and EV charging infrastructure in the country…

Means of a Lithium-Ion-Battery

The growing use of Li-Ion batteries include but are not limited to smart phones, tablets and more commonly notebooks, radio controlled hobby vehicles, portable vaporizers, UAV and drones. Some cleverly formatted Li-Ion batteries have also been used in wearable electronic devices...

AGC-4: Hot Standby

DEIF's AGC-4 features proven technology for a wide range of generation systems in critical power applications.

Leviton introduces Type A and Type-C USB Charger

Latest addition to USB Charger Devices product line is designed for maximum charging efficiency...

Smart EV charging station at New Delhi powered by NTPC

The charger will be powered by electricity from NTPC Ltd., the largest power generator of the country.

Reactive Power Management & Voltage Control to avoid Blackouts

Series compensation increases the transmission capacity and improves the stability of a power system. Since transmission line itself consumes reactive power as it transmits the active power... - Rajesh Chourishi

Reactive Power Cost Analysis

In this article, reactive power cost characteristics have been obtained developing the reactive power capability charts at different operating points and utilizing them to find lost opportunity cost... - Dr. Ashwani Kumar, Rajender Kumar

Exergy Analysis Of Cogeneration Power Plants

About the exemplary picture above: During the 2011 Queensland floods, some areas of the Oxley Creek STP in Rocklea were flooded, causing significant damage to the existing Jenbacher cogeneration engine and related plant that had been operating for over a  decade. Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) opted to replace this equipment, and at the same time sought to replace the aging engines at the Luggage Point STP in Pinkenba. Two of GE’s Jenbacher J416 containerised generator modules were selected. This power plant can generate up to 2.2 MW of electrical output and a further 2.2 MW of thermal energy in the form of hot water used to warm the digesters... - Dr S C Kamate

Control Of Compensated Self-Excited Induction Generator

In this article, GAA model is proposed to control the load voltage and frequency of an SEIG (Self-Excited Induction Generator). Simulated results are compared with experimental results on two test machines. A close comparison proves the validity of proposed modeling... - Dheeraj Joshi

PEVs, Smart Grids And Energy Storage Systems

The large scale penetration of Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) in the transportation segment makes the utility power network more stressed and less efficient due to negative impacts of integration of PEVs for charging the batteries. This article describes the PEV technology, charging strategies of PEVs, smart grids and integration of PEVs and types of energy storage systems...  - K Ramalingam, C S Indulkar

Charge Controller For Standalone PV System

Depending on the application and type of battery used, different charge controller configurations are used which either completely disconnect the array from the battery or allow a regulated current to flow through the battery to maintain the battery voltage... - Ahmad Faiz Minai,Fazlullah Mohammad Azmi,Faiz Hassan Jami,  S M Amanul Haque, Nawaz Wakeel

Grid Stability Is Must Before Ramping Up Capacity In Solar

Had the decision of high ADD imposed, there would have been severe setback to the capacity addition in solar. In fact, till the clarity on ADD came – many developers had kept their solar plans in abeyance as the projects which were awarded to them after tough competitive bidding would have become unviable... - Vijay Singh Bisht
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Standby Diesel Generator Sets Issues related to Selection/ Sizing, Installation, Operation & Maintenance

India is world’s fourth largest growing economy. Our currently available power capacity is approximately 40% short of total demand. As a result the State Electricity Boards have to control the power distribution by imposing 'Load Shedding' to Industrial, Commercial and Residual consumers in a phased manner. For sustainable development, the growth in power demand will be never ending. - S N Chavan