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Automated Solar Panel Cleaning

The article discusses on different technologies used for PV panel cleaning with their performance in different types of environment. It also discusses about the problems associated with different types of cleaning system. - Dr. L. Ashok Kumar, Madhuvanthani Rajendran

‘Power for All’ can trip on DISCOM woes

Concerted steps needed across distribution value chain to prevent a contagion effect on generation and transmission. - Mayur Patil

Need for Thermal Power Stations Optimisation

The article discusses smart techniques aiming to optimised the operating parameters of plant and facilitating the work of operators and maintenance engineers. - Ashok Upadhyay

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Automation & Power Plant Economics

An analysis on how automation can change the overall economics of power plant operation. By Subhajit Roy, Group Editor


The article discusses about the whole substation automation system, like the intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and SCADA. - Dr G D Kamalapur

An eye to the future

Stepping into its 100th year of operations, IPCL is planning to make its Asansol operations a “Smart Utility”, keeping pace with global technology and digitisation trends. – Somesh Dasgupta, Group President, India Power Corporation Ltd
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Is upgradation of conventional street lighting to smart LED lighting cost efficient?




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