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The British Standard three-pin socket outlet is widely celebrated as one of the safest and most sophisticated in the world. One individual whose ideas helped to form the design we are familiar with today was Charles Arnold, electrical engineer and co-founder of MK Electric. As the company celebrates turning 100 years old, Emma Segelov, EMEA marketing operations manager for MK Electric by Honeywell, looks back at the socket’s humble beginnings. - Emma Segelov
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Need of Interdisciplinary Research for Earthing

The article sheds light on the multidisciplinary aspects for earthing and its need in current scenario. - Meghna J Bhosale, Dr. P. B. Karandikar, Dr. N. R. Kulkarni
online news, blogs, news articles, Case Studies, Industry Articles, Article Publications, Journal | energy & power industry | Securing Smart Grid from Cyberattacks - Electrical India Magazine on Power & Electrical products, Renewable Energy, Transformers, Switchgear & Cables

Securing Smart Grid from Cyberattacks

This article discusses the major challenges and strategies to protect smart grid against cyberattacks. - Dr L Ashok Kumar

Advanced measuring solutions for electrical maintenance & safety

In these days of continuous advancements where continuity and precision have become important, one cannot afford to experience a shutdown or higher maintenance lead...

Electrical Safety Earthing

The article highlights the importance of earthing with study of different low voltage earthing systems world-wide. - Divyanshu Pal, Shahrukh Khan, Dr. Rajesh Arora

ICAI starts electrical safety awareness campaign in New Delhi

To raise awareness on the need for electrical safety to prevent electrical mishaps at homes and workplaces.

IEEMA extends focus on electrical fire safety

Organised Electrical Fire Safety Conclave in Mumbai for integrated solutions on fire protection and security.

Kyoritsu’s 6201 portable appliance tester

“Kyoritsu’s portable appliance testers are used widely in electrical equipment preventive maintenance programmes and enable users to verify the electrical safety of all type of appliances quickly and effectively. – Suneel Kapoor, Country Lead, Kyoritsu KEW India Instruments Pvt Ltd

Increase plant safety, reduce maintenance costs with smart plastics from igus

New intelligent plastic solutions offer many options for predictive maintenance.

Practical Tips for Thermography in Preventive Maintenance

Optimise processes, reduce costs and ensure system availability with Testo Thermal Imagers.

Intrinsically Safe True RMS Digital Multimeter – KM 822sEX

‘Kusam-Meco’, pioneers of digital multimeters & clampmeters in India have introduced for first time a new intrinsically safe true RMS Digital Multimeter with PC interface model KM 822sEX. It has high transient protection of 12 KV (1.2/50mS) lightning surge.

New Fluke FieldSense Technology

New T6 Electrical Testers — the first tools with FieldSense technology — are now available. This enables simultaneous voltage and current measurements without metallic contact…

Protection Testing for Limited Budgets – CMC 310

As the technology behind protection equipment has progressed, simple single-phase and transformer-based test devices are no longer up to the job. The transmission, transformer, motor or generator protection standards to be met in these systems tend to be numerical and three- or multi-phase in nature…

Common Errors While Designing an Electrical Protective Scheme

If the selection of inappropriate specifications switchgears go unnoticed, it may jeopardize safety of man and machines both. Therefore, utmost care is required, while designing an electrical protective scheme as far as selection of CTs of correct specifications, switchgears, etc is concerned.

Challenges for IoT-based Smart Grid

As a result of the smart grid evolution, some recent enabling technologies have emerged to reduce the number of communication protocols and handle big amounts of data. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most recent enabler for the smart grid.

MV Covered Conductors: Safety Solution for Wildlife

Using Bare Conductors on the overhead distribution lines in forest and wild life sanctuaries resulting fatal accidental death of several wildlife animals and big birds due to electrocution. - Manish Patel

Ancillary services through Microgrid for Grid Security & Reliability

Microgrids can provide potential Ancillary services to the power system for maintaining its voltage profile and frequency. These services also improve stability, security of system and reduce congestion. These will be source of revenue generation for microgrid owner’s in near future and will be of great importance to the power market players…- Prof. Mrs. Kalyani M. Kurundkar, Dr. Mrs. G. A. Vaidya.

FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras Help Prevent Power Failures at Utilities

‘Detecting maintenance issues before failures occur is crucial to E.ON Bayern’...

Line Current Differential Protection Unique Applications At Hindalco

This paper describes the use of advanced line current differential protection, to address conditions like CT saturation at only one-end during through fault conditions. It also describes an industry-unique three-terminal application of line current differential protection within Hindalco Industries Limited... - Raman Bajpai, Kaushik Tarafdar, Sthitaprajnyan Sharma

Sample Based Fault Classification

In order to classify the faulty phase and distinguish clearly between line-to-ground and double-line to ground fault a superimposed phase current component based approach is present in this article for fixed series compensated line... - Dr Ashok Kumar Pradhan, Dr Bibhuti Bhusan Pati, Dr (Mrs) Monalisa Biswal
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Latest article

Control & Management in Power Operations

The tasks involved in the control and management of an interconnected electric power system are grouped. The first group covers the direct operational control of the system as a daily routine. The second group involves short-term scheduling, including the near future. - C. S. Indulkar

Future Solar Panel would use tricks of LIGHT HARVESTING ALGAE

Researchers claim that light-harvesting algae could increase solar panel efficiency to 95 per cent. - Rathindra Nath Biswas

Hybrid Renewable Energy Technologies for Rural India

Hybrid energy systems can be potential solutions for the electricity problems in the rural region. However, vast research is needed in this aspect to make it technically feasible to be deployed at these areas. - Dr. Vikramaditya Dave, Dr. Sujit Kumar