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Case Studies

Net Metering Solar Power Energy Renewable Case Study

NET-METERING: Regulatory Avenues of the Solar Supply Chain and Business Models – Part...

A context of developing net metering regulations in India. The article is a continuation of Part 1 carried in the June issue of the Electrical India magazine.

Solar investments in India – Profitable yet risky

Solar investments can be put at risk by climatic factors, inappropriate component selection and poor handling and installation quality: Study - By Subhajit Roy, Group Editor

Anand’s Farmers opt for Solar Energy

The Agro Solar project, conducted by Anand Krishi University, Gujarat in collaboration with Gujarat Industrial Power Company Limited (GIPCL), will produce 1 MW Solar PVC on 1.5 hectare area of Anand district.

Overvoltage Mitigation Techniques for PV Grid

In this case study, the authors have reviewed the conventional techniques used to mitigate the overvoltage problem and observe that they have several disadvantages. So, it is suggested a novel technique that relies on a minor modification made to the secondary windings of the distribution transformer: an extra tapping is pulled out from each of the secondary windings into a separate PV junction box which is the modified Point of Common Coupling (PCC)... Main author - Vithal Narasinha Kamat Co-authors – Nivea Chauhan, Harsh Bhatt, Payal Bhadresa, Akash Sent

Protection System of a Grid-connected PV System

Photovoltaic (PV) generation is growing very fast to meet load demand, as its installation takes short time. In this paper, a case study of protection system of a Grid-connected PV power plant has been presented. The function and the ANSI codes for different relays have been discussed for a Line- In- Line- Out (LILO) arrangement and the protection standards in Indian scenario has been briefed... - Dr (Smt) Sasmita Behera, Dr Bibhuti Pati


After a thorough research into both sub types of vertical axis wind turbine rotors configurations, it has been decided to base turbine design on the Darrieus model. In this project modified version of Darrieus type of wind turbine is designed... - Preetham DS, Dr. M S Shashikala

Solar PV System In Educational Institute

The major requirement of electrical power in educational institutes is at day time, as major work of teaching-learning is carried out at day time. That is the plus point for the use of solar energy. Hybrid systems such as Solar-Wind, Solar-Diesel and Solar-Biomass may also be beneficial setups depending on the geographical condition... - Umesh P Pagrut, A S Sindekar 

Solar Energy – An Investment That Can Skyrocket Into Profits

Around 300 million Indians, i.e., roughly a quarter of the country’s population, do not have access to electricity. With an installed electricity generation capacity of 245.393 GW at present, achieving parity between supply and demand seems to be a distant dream... - Anuj Mahajan

A Load Scheduling For Smart Energy Management In Buildings With Renewable Power Generations

This article describes a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) that operates on an hourly basis and is designed to be implemented in a building, which consists of essential loads, facilitated with a utility grid connection and equipped with renewable power sources... - Asha Radhakrishnan, M P Selvan

Optimal Inclination Angles of Photovoltaic Panels for Maximum Power Output in Chandigarh Region-a Case...

The efficiency of Photovoltaic panel can be increased if it is placed in such a manner that incidence angle is null or almost small in respect to solar irradiation. This can be obtained by tracking the sun for movable structure and by proper selection of inclination angle for fixed structure. In this paper, a case study is presented for deciding the optimum inclination angle for maximizing the output power of fixed structure PV panel for Chandigarh region in India. - Manoj Kumar Sharma, Parag Lal and Dr Yajvender Pal Verma
Renewable Energy, Green Power Electricity, Energy Conservation, Sustainable Energy, Environments, Solar power | Microgrid Energy Trading - Electrical India Magazine on Power & Electrical products, Renewable Energy, Transformers, Switchgear & Cables

Microgrid Energy Trading

In India, there is a shortage of installed electric power and the demand supply gap is expected to increase if we continue to generate power using conventional sources only. With about 300 clear and sunny days, India has a huge potential to generate clean solar energy and this study is an attempt to make the use of solar energy more cost effective. Our objective is to build a Trading Model which makes profitable trading decisions by minimizing the overall cost of operation. - K S Swarup