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Landis+Gyr Scaling New Heights in Metering Industry

"The future opportunities and challenges can only be met with flexible approach, effective planning, innovative ideas, futuristic vision and customised solutions and that is what Landis+Gyr is working on while moving ahead," Ashish Tandon, Director - Sales and Marketing, Landis+Gyr India.

“KUSAM-MECO increased revenues by over 20% from last year”

"We have increased revenues by over 20 per cent from the last year. We have also added more products to our range to meet customers diversified requirements," says Chandmal Goliya, Director, Kusam Electrical Industries Ltd.

Goldmedal to set up a fans manufacturing plant in Hyderabad

"We have had a steady growth rate so far and are driven to deliver the best results even in this challenging economic environment," shares Kishan Jain, Director, Goldmedal Electricals.

Fuji Electric charts India 2.0 plan

"The Fuji Electric India 2.0 plan envisages the revenues from the India market to reach Rs 1,500 crore by the year 2023-24," Sriram Ramakrishnan, Managing Director, Fuji Electric India.
Electrical & Power Products Research & Development, Events, Seminars, Exhibitions on Electrical Power DistributionNecessity of Power Electronics in Fuel Cells - Electrical India Magazine on Power & Electrical products, Renewable Energy, Transformers, Switchgear & Cables |

Necessity of Power Electronics in Fuel Cells

The article gives glimpse of fuel cells that are environmentally sound renewable energy sources and how the power converts enhances its performance.
Electrical & Power Products Research & Development, Events, Seminars, Exhibitions on Electrical Power Distribution | NB-IoT Driven: Smart Metering Revolution - Electrical India Magazine on Power & Electrical products, Renewable Energy, Transformers, Switchgear & Cables

NB-IoT Driven: Smart Metering Revolution

With its inherent qualities - like the potential for delivering true interoperability and insensitivity to disturbances from other systems - NB-IoT ticks more boxes than most communication technologies and is worth considering for a lot of utilities, explains Dr. Vithal N. Kamat, Director, Centre for Apparent Energy Research.
Electrical & Power Products Research & Development, Events, Seminars, Exhibitions on Electrical Power Distribution | Power Electronics in Smart Grid - Electrical India Magazine on Power & Electrical products, Renewable Energy, Transformers, Switchgear & Cables

Power Electronics in Smart Grid

Power electronics plays a vital role in smart grid implementation and its development. This article outlines the various applications of power electronics in smart grid. - Prof. Kalyani Kurundkar, Prof. (Dr) G.A. Vaidya

KUSAM-MECO Dual Trace Oscilloscope

KUSAM-MECO has introduced dual trace oscilloscope that are dual-channel with maximum sensitivity of 1 mV/DIV.

Glimpse of Energy Meters

Energy meter system designed to meet your specific requirements. These meters measure the instantaneous voltage and currents, calculate its product and gives instantaneous power. This article gives a glimpse of types of energy meters, its advantages, disadvantages and applications...

Means of a Lithium-Ion-Battery

The growing use of Li-Ion batteries include but are not limited to smart phones, tablets and more commonly notebooks, radio controlled hobby vehicles, portable vaporizers, UAV and drones. Some cleverly formatted Li-Ion batteries have also been used in wearable electronic devices...

Electronics Production with Plasma

In the world of electronics, plasma technology is a critical component on which the industry rests. Though, the primary use of plasmas in the electronics industry is in semiconductor chip manufacturing, however, device dimensions have consistently shrunk with time as technology has incrementally evolved…

Power Electronics for Energy Efficiency

Power electronics deals with the conversion and control of electrical energy with the help of power semiconductor devices that operate in a switching mode, and, therefore, efficiency of power electronic apparatus may approach as high as 98–99%.

Electronics Components and Devices

Electronic devices have become an extension of our body parts. They play a vital role in helping humans condition the environment according to their suitability. In this article, attention will be focused on the basic electronics components… - Sandeep Banerjee, Nishtha Verma

Applications of Power Electronics

During the last two decades, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of power electronic devices and are capable of performing various functions such as rectification, amplification, control and generation… - Munazima Ali

Challenging Disability with Electronic Devices

Electronic devices have not only transformed the lifestyle of common people by providing comfort, security, entertainment etc. but have proved boon for person with injuries or physical disabilities...

Analysis Of FPGAs

This article deals with the pros and cons of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) as compared to the other digital logic families like microcontrollers and digital signal processors...-Sandeep Banerjee

An ANN Based Approach For Optimal Placement Of Custom Power Devices

Power electronics based controllers used in distribution systems are called custom power devices. These devices have been proved to be quite effective in power quality enhancement. They may be of series, shunt and series-shunt or series-series type – depending upon their connection in the circuit... - D K Tanti, MK Verma, Brijesh Singh, O N Mehrotra

Latest article

Rishabh eyes acquisitions, new product development

"Rishabh foresees the technology advancement like solar inverters and EV charging before they are taken up by our competitors," says Narendra Goliya, Chairman, Rishabh Instruments.

Prime Meiden aims to be among top 5

"We will be focusing on large power transformers and have target to become one of the top five transformer manufacturers in India," M. Vijayakumaran, Sr. Transformer Expert, Prime Meiden.

Polycab aims to increase its market share

"Our strategy is to expand our market share by targeting key growth sectors such as mining, oil and gas, shipping, power, renewables, infrastructure, construction, automotive, telecommunication," shares Shashi Amin, President and SBU Head - Cables, Polycab India Limited.