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IMP aims top spot in transformer manufacturing

We would aim to become the No. 1 transformer manufacturing company in 132 and 220 kV class in the country. Aaditya Dhoot, Managing Director, IMP Powers Ltd.

Distribution Transformer Inspections

Temperature monitoring using advanced diagnostic thermal imaging cameras can increase reliability of distribution networks.

Why you should check your voltage/potential transformers

Over the service life of a voltage/potential transformer, various tests are useful for ensuring safety, quality, and operation that fall in line with the specifi cations.

Transformer Industry Poised for Growth

The government’s plans of generation of renewable energy and 24*7 Power for All will generate a positive growth opportunity for transformers. – Supriya A Oundhakar, Associate Editor

Growth Prospects of Transformer Oil

According to Global Market Insights release, the transformer oil market has been gradually emerging as one of the most profitable niche verticals of the...

Failure of Transformer Insulation & its Maintenance

Causes of transformer failures include imperfection in design and environment. One of the main causes of failure of a transformer is the insulation failure. - D M Srinivasa, Dr. Usha Surendra

Why not use the synergies?

“OMICRONs CMC test sets are not only a solution for testing protective relays and distribution automation schemes, they enable the user to benefit from a broad range of synergies.” - Cord Mempel, Klaus Jotz

Compact Split Core Current Transformers

To avoid financial and production hampering in a plant during turnaround, compact split core current transformer (CT) is the best solution.

Parallel Operation of Transformers

Loading considerations for paralleling transformers are simple unless kVA, percent impedances, or ratios are different. - Jignesh Parmar


Strategic mapping of Indian electrical equipment industry - Subhajit Roy, Group Editor

Transformer Trends

Highlighting the key technological developments in Power Transformers and Distribution Transformers. - Dr G D Kamalapur

AccuLoss Loss Measurement System

AccuLoss is a complete three-phase transformer measuring system designed for power frequency testing and calibration of medium and large power transformers, large motors and turbines.

“Esennar contributes to infrastructural advancement”

Sridhar Reddy Arumalla, Managing Director, Esennar Transformers sheds light on Indian power and distribution transformers in an e-mail interaction with Electrical India.

HPS distribution transformers for indoor & outdoor applications

HPS offers distribution transformers in both dry-type and oil filled technology utilising the best insulating materials.

Benefits of HVDS for Agriculture

Implementation of high voltage distribution system (HVDS) for agriculture consumers will result in reduction in losses, increase in energy saving and improve voltage profile.

Innovative Current Transformer Testing

This article describes an innovative solution to test current transformers at all lifecycle stages by using a sophisticated testing method known as “the modeling concept”.

Smart Transformer for Smart Grid Operation

As an integral part of the Smart Grid, smart transformers work independently to constantly regulate voltage and maintain contact with the smart grid in order to allow remote administration if needed and to provide information and feedback about the power supply and the transformers themselves.

Best ways to test transformer oil

Testing of oil plays a vital role in keeping transformers running efficiently and effectively. Here’s a comprehensive analysis on the different ways to test transformer oil.

Smart Monitoring

An in-depth analysis on how IoT based monitoring system enhances performance of distribution transformers.

Power Transformer Market worth US$ 29.91 Bn by 2020

The growth is due to the increase in HVDC transmission projects mainly in the Asia-Pacific region. HVDC, EHV, and UHV projects being undertaken for reducing transmission losses during transmission over large distances is the major growth driver of the large power transformer market.
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Fortum brings advanced NOx reduction technology in India

Brings together industry bodies and thermal plant companies to increase awareness and deliberate on NOx reduction technology for reducing emissions.

80 low-cost robots from igus for research at Indian higher-education institutions

German-Indian knowledge transfer with easy-to-operate robot arms fur simple automation tasks.

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Panasonic Life Solutions India to reinforce vision to ‘Make a better, comforta-ble life with human-oriented solution’.