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The Quest for Gold

Here’s the story of Sweden’s waste-to-energy revolution and what India can learn from it.

GE & Marinus Energy collaborate

GE Power and Marinus Energy revealed a pilot project to capture Isopentane gas and use it as a fuel source for generating electricity.

Giant Leap on Green Energy Targets

The Government has also approved the enhancement of capacity from 20,000 MW to 40,000 MW of the scheme for development of solar parks and ultra-mega solar power projects. The enhanced capacity would ensure setting up of at least 50 solar parks each with a capacity of 500 MW and above…

Future Perspective For Renewable Energy In India

The power generation shortfall in India is estimated at 11% of the total energy, and 15% of the peak capacity requirements and these figures are likely to increase. This is despite the fact that the country is already consuming more than 2 million barrels of imported oil a day – a figure that is growing by about 10 percent annually... - Jay B. Thakar

Carbon Credits For Financing Renewable Projects

It is always useful to recycle the waste material. Recycling process consumes about half of the energy to produce same quantity of products, which would have been otherwise made from the virgin materials... - Nidhi M J, Shaikh Shamser Ali

Ceramics Help In Producing Electricity From Waste Heat

Currently, less than half of the energy used in industrial processes, transport or households is actually utilised. The majority of primary energy still escapes...

Status Quo Of Maharashtra

Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Limited (MAHAGENCO) has the highest overall generation capacity and the highest thermal installed capacity amongst all the state power generation utilities in India... - Nitin Goel

The Potential Of Renewable Energy Sources In The Energy Sector In India

India became the world's third largest producer of electricity in the year 2013 and accounts for 4.8% of global share in electricity generation. But its per capita electricity consumption is only 746 kWh, which is lower compared to many countries, though electricity tariff is cheaper in India. - Lekha Chandran

Electricity From Garbage

Shadnagar facility of 6MW in Andhra Pradesh is the first operational Waste-To-Energy (WTE) plant in India. Selco has a 20 year PPA with APTRANSCO at ` 3.48/kWh and connects to the grid through a 33/11kV substation... - R P Deshpande

Climate Change And Role Of Renewable Energy

Coal–fired power stations are the least carbon efficient power stations in terms of the level of carbon dioxide produced per unit of electricity generated, and gas is the best. On an average 2.095 pounds of carbon dioxide per unit of electricity generated is produced in coal-fired power plants... - Mayadhar Swain

Converter Topologies For Hybrid Power Generation Systems

A hybrid power generation system basically can be formed by using individual converters with each renewable energy source...  - M Ankush Kumar, PM Menghal, Dr A Jaya Laxmi

Make Our Bank A Green Building

Mahatma Gandhi, father of nation and founder of Union bank of India once told – Mother Earth will Provide Every Thing for Human Need but not Greed. Fast depletion of resources like fossil fuels, ore coupled by exponential population growth and aspiration for higher quality of life will slowly make earth – warm, highly polluted, having no minerals or fossil energy resources. So to save this planet from resource crunch – one of the answer is Green Building. - Dr Shivaji Biswas

Harnessing Waste Heat Potential

Generation of heat from combustion was the first man made source of energy in addition to natural source of energy i.e., light. Our ancestors, though with plenty of heat resources, were very intelligent, environmental friendly and well aware of energy conservation. - Dr S S Verma
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