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Fluke Corp. acquires solar test and measurement leader, Solmetric ‘

Fluke Corp, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortive Corporation and a global leader in test and measurement instruments, has acquired California-based Solmetric, a...


Climate is not changing, it has changed. Today, the world faces an Energy Paradox, wherein more energy is required to ensure fast-paced economic growth,...
Renewable Energy India Expo


Renewable Energy India (REI) E-Expo, South Asia’s first virtual renewable energy event by Informa Markets in India (formerly UBM India) concluded on a successful note 9th June 2020.
Net Metering Solar Power Energy Renewable Case Study

NET-METERING: Regulatory Avenues of the Solar Supply Chain and Business Models – Part...

A context of developing net metering regulations in India. The article is a continuation of Part 1 carried in the June issue of the Electrical India magazine.
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Güdel linear robot to analyse future maintenance of a product

-By Electrical India Content Team Analyzing the maintenance of a product in advance is not only a goal pursued by Igus as there are many manufacturers...
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KEI Industries pledges to support India’s battle against COVID-19

-By Electrical India Content Team On the 1st of April 2020, KEI Industries pledged Rs. 2 Cr to the PM Care Fund supporting the fight...
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Let’s Know Digital Multimeter

TRMS multimeter is useful where there are non-linear loads and have a lot of disturbances in signal quality.

Analysis Of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems

Conventionally, grid connected photovoltaic energy conversion systems are composed of a DC-DC converter and an inverter. The DC-DC converter is controlled to track the maximum power point of the photovoltaic array and the inverter is controlled to produce current in such a way that the system current has low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and it is in phase with the utility voltage. The efficiency of the conventional system is low because the DC-DC converter and the inverter are connected in series. The purpose of this article is to design a photovoltaic generation system for connection in a three-phase system using only a DC/AC inverter... - Dr. L Ashok Kumar

Testing For Renewable Energy Installations

This article principally deals with PV (PhotoVoltaic) solar installations and to some extent, small wind turbines – as these are without doubt the most popular renewable energy options...
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Condition Monitoring as an integrated component of TwinCAT 3 – Scientific Automation In Wind Turbines

The degree of automation in wind turbines is increasing continuously. In addition to the actual system control, monitoring and networking play increasingly important roles. Many control suppliers that offer conventional controllers are reaching their performance limits. The solution lies in an automation system that is essentially based on a scientific approach and integrates the required measuring equipment in a standard control architecture... - Pascal Dresselhaus