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Capacitance & Tan Delta Measurement of POWER TRANSFORMERS

A significant proportion of failures in electrical devices result from the deterioration of insulation. The implementation of routine, straightforward tests, along with prompt maintenance...

Maintenance by Walking around

Periodic inspection of power transformers and their accessories contributes to their trouble-free operation. These inspections may identify nascent problems before they become serious enough...

LOAD TAP CHANGERS (LTC) Assess LTC Health With Thermal Imaging

If an LTC fails, the entire transformer will shut down. Transformer failures can cost your utility millions of dollars, adding overtime pay for workers...
grid lines

ABB steps ahead with its Power Grids business divestment plan

With a view to achieving its goal to become a decentralized global technology company, recently ABB has disinvested 80.1 per cent of its Power Grids...
gas turbines the heart of power generation dr iyad al attar pg 29


- The article is authored by Dr Iyad Al-Attar Dr Iyad Al-Attar is a Mechanical Engineer, and business innovator. He is also a Visiting Academic...
National News Pg No 9


- By Ranjana Konatt, Editor (Brand Positioning) On Wednesday, May 13th 2020, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced a special scheme for the power distribution sector...
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Noise Level Measurements in Amorphous & CRGO Core Distribution Transformers

The article explores the sources of noise in Amorphous and CRGO core distribution transformers and the ways in which it may be controlled.

Maintenance Of Transformer

A few tips which can be useful in maintenance of power and distribution transformers.

How To Achieve Transformer Reliability

Transformer failures can potentially lead to unplanned power outages, in addition to costly and time-consuming repair and replacement. - Dr. Murhari Sopanrao Kele, Chairman-cum-Managing Director, Tripura State Electricity Corporation Ltd
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Failure of Transformer Insulation & its Maintenance

Causes of transformer failures include imperfection in design and environment. One of the main causes of failure of a transformer is the insulation failure. - D M Srinivasa, Dr. Usha Surendra

Smart Transformer for Smart Grid Operation

As an integral part of the Smart Grid, smart transformers work independently to constantly regulate voltage and maintain contact with the smart grid in order to allow remote administration if needed and to provide information and feedback about the power supply and the transformers themselves.

Smart Monitoring

An in-depth analysis on how IoT based monitoring system enhances performance of distribution transformers.

Reducing Stray Losses in Transformer

This article explains how stray losses in the transformer play a vital role in increasing the total losses of transformer and also suggests how the same can be reduced significantly to lowest most value by using magnetic shield which ultimately increased the life expectancy of transformer…

Transformers Noise Level Analysis & Reduction Techniques

The subject of deciding such as the most appropriate method and conditions for accurately measuring the noise level of a transformer has been discussed in this article...

Smart Maintenance of Power Transformers

State-of-the-art test systems and a smart software solution for diagnostic testing, condition assessment and easy data management help to evaluate the status of a power transformer faster and more reliably than ever before…

Dielectric Technology in Transformer

Utilities and transformer manufacturers focus on the design and manufacture of environmentally-friendly transformers that are nonhazardous while offering improved life cycle costs with minimal maintenance. These transformers offer reduced carbon footprint, reduced levels of pollution (water, soil, noise), enhanced lifecycle costs, enhanced product lifetime, and enhanced fire safety…

Transform Potential of Your Transformer Reference Materials

To aid in the organization of a corporate or personal library, Megger is introducing a comprehensive series of Transformer Life Management bulletins that broadly cover the fundamentals of managing the life of a transformer.

An Overview of Superconducting Transformer Technology

Electrical energy is a major source of the entire process of evolution and modern lifestyle. This paper highlights the developments of the high temperature superconducting (HTSting) power transmission and distribution equipments such as transformer. Demand of energy, electricity generation and power transmission and distribution system require energy efficient equipments and machines...  - Hambir Singh, Muvendra Kumar Singh

Management Of The Equipment

This article explains how 'condition monitoring' of transformers ultimately increases the life expectancy and renders trouble free service to the customer – and helps economic development of the country... - S Kundu

Strengthening Power Distribution Systems

If we look at the huge costs of maintenance, repairs & replacements for oil type transformers spent every year, then the differential cost between oil type and dry type transformers should not be a too big amount, if it helps reduce transformer failures… - Aviral Gautama, Sailesh Purohit