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Research & Development

BLDC motors’ market has a good potential for expansion

The operation of a Brush Less DC motor (BLDC motor) is based on the interaction between the stator’s stationary magnetic field and the rotor’s...

Ingeteam’s simulation models to expedite wind power grid integration

With each wind farm grid conditions demanding specific and stringent requirements, complex modelling is paramount to solve grid connectivity and stability challenges. In particular, the...
aevere weather conditions can threaten grid operations


- The Electrical India Content Team Digitally Enabled Grid, is a research carried out by Accenture, the research involved a survey of over 200 electric...
Page No 13 Us Lost Over 106,000 Clean Energy Jobs

Siemens and Uniper join forces to de-carbonise power generation

By the Electrical India content team Uniper and Siemens Gas and Power signed a cooperation agreement for the development of projects on the de-carbonisation of...
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KEI Industries pledges to support India’s battle against COVID-19

-By Electrical India Content Team On the 1st of April 2020, KEI Industries pledged Rs. 2 Cr to the PM Care Fund supporting the fight...

Manufacturing Rotors & Stators Without Punching Tools, Using Laser Cutting

In today’s world, you could be forgiven for thinking that electrical machines, motors and generators are being reinvented. Energy efficiency, electromobility or having to adapt...

GSM Based Stepper Motor Control

The speed of the motor shafts rotation is directly related to the frequency of the input pulses and the length of rotation is directly related to the number of input pulses applied... - Kaushal K Jaiswals, Parikshit Kumar, Dr A K Bhardwaj