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Signify closes in on 2020 sustainability goals

Signify, a company in lighting, has made significant progress in 2019 toward its sustainability targets set for 2020 as part of its Brighter Lives,...

Energy Storage: The Evolving Technology

India’s energy storage market is in a growing phase. According to the IESA estimates, India has the potential to integrate over 300 GWh of energy storage during 2018-25.
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Switch to Smart Street Lighting

The article takes a review of the replacement of traditional street lights with LEDs, barriers in its replacement, solutions and outlook for the street lighting. – Supriya A Oundhakar, Associate Editor

Deco Lighting launches ‘Power over Ethernet’ Technology

Deco Lighting introduces DECO PoE (Power over Ethernet) integrated technology, debuting in the Vector interior architectural luminaire.

Cree Revamps LED Bulb Line

Cree has revamped its complete line of consumer LED bulbs, including more than 30 products ranging from A-Lamps and candelabras to reflectors and downlights.

Smart Lighting: Opportunities & Challenges

Lighting plays an important role in our well-being and use of smart lighting system adds elegance, ambiance, convenience and energy efficiency to any place…

Greenlight Planet launches Next-Generation Solar Lamps, Doubling Performance

The new devices are more powerful replacements of the company’s existing best-selling solar lamps...

Energy Efficient LED Driver Concept

The purpose of making this project is to make a product that takes the usual decorations and safety to a different level. This is a project where the output responds immediately to the proximity of any object or person. There are two sides of the project one is decoration while other is safety. In decoration, an array of LEDs responds to proximity of any object. While in safety, there is an alarm that rings when an unauthorized person enters the restricted area. The project can be modified and made according to the requirement of the consumer and environment... - Hardik V Rupareliya, Aniket M Goswami