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Where does our power sector stand?

India is the world’s third largest power consumer country. Of late, it has been certified by several agencies. Many of its states have by...

A versatile SOLUTION

Recently, Germany-based global company Tesvolt GmbH has rolled out a new battery storage system, which for the first time has its own Energy Management...

A Driver for Decarbonization

Cogeneration refers to the combined generation of heat and power. With CHP, generation occurs close to the site of consumption, easing the burden on...

“We insist on 70% placement by our training partners…”

What’s your take on the gap between education and employability in our country, especially in the power industry? Mismatch continues between education and skill sets...


When the entire world is worried about the COVID -19 pandemic, which has already killed more than 3,155,048 people, the electrical goods segment has...

Overcoming Major Challenges

Energy is the cornerstone for every nation’s development. It is the basic need for the survival of rural and urban areas, which is largely...

“We’ve expanded to 50+ subsectors within electrical equipments…”

U GRO Capital Ltd is a BSE listed, small business lending fintech platform. The company is focused on addressing capital needs of small businesses including the Electrical Equipment & Components ventures, by providing customized loan solutions. In an exclusive e-interview with P. K. Chatterjee (P. K.) from Electrical India, Shachindra Nath, Executive Chairman and Managing Director of the company is describing their perspective on strengthening the Indian MSMEs. Excerpts…

Will Hydrogen be the Next Game Changer?

In today’s energy world, the most significant challenge is controlling the climate change, technologies based on Hydrogen (H2) hold enormous potential to aid the process of decarbonisation… - P. K. Chatterjee (P. K.)

Single Phase Matrix Converter Applications (Part 2)

A study of applications of Matrix Converter in single phase is presented. Single Phase Matrix Converter topology (SPMC) has many advantages. It is flexible and can replace many converter topologies by its wide applications as universal converter…

GE HA turbines to be efficient power plants in the Middle East utility sector

GE HA first two turbines have been delivered and are undergoing installation and commissioning works at the 1.8 gigawatts (GW) Hamriyah Independent Power Plant.

Managing the Menace of High Voltage

In India, often the productivity is lost or reduced because of the voltage fluctuations in the power supply. However, now there is a reliable solution available to easily overcome this challenge…


Owing to some shortcomings of thermoplastics, a need was felt to make thermoplastics behave like thermosets. This led to the development of a material, which is easily processable like a thermoplastic and should have higher thermal properties like thermosets in application…

Reforms in the Indian Power Sector

The developments in the Indian power sector from the very beginning to the present have been analyzed and discussed in this article. It has also highlighted the reforms that laid the foundations for India’s power sector – and addresses the key points of each reform. Also, it highlights some of the challenges and the current efforts to overcome those…
Dr Vivek Soni

“India will chart its own course of energy transition…”

Recently, in a free-wheeling interaction with Electrical India (EI) team, Dr Vivek Soni, Faculty of Management, PhD & MTech (IIT Delhi), and a Certified Independent Director -MoCA, Govt of India, revealed his observations and expectations from the ongoing developments in the Indian Power Sector. Here is the Part 1 of the interaction; remaining parts will appear in the next issues of EI…

Influence of high voltage on Electrical Equipment

In India, all electrical equipments are designed for 230 / 400 volts single / threephase. Voltage variation is a common phenomenon all over the...
Protection Issues Microgrid

Protection Issues in MICROGRID – A Synthetic View

The independent power systems - Microgrids are the most important solution to overcome the power blackout due to overloading of main electrical grid. As a localized power grid, microgrid has its own generation sources, and definable load systems.It also works with renewable energy sources for power generation which tends to the usage of storage resources according to the requirement. Microgrid can operate in line with the traditional grid as well it can be disconnected from the grid to operate autonomously. It tends to provide reliable, quality and efficient energy supply to customers. Apart from the major issues like power flow control, power quality, and stability still the implementation of microgrids pose some technical challenges at the protection level of microgrid. This study mainly focuses on the protection issues faced by microgrid and some possible remedies to overcome the technical challenges at the microgrid protection phase.
Scenario Electrical Engineering Covid 19

Scenario Of Electrical Engineering During And Post COVID-19

In electrical engineering sector, the cash flow at all levels is getting hampered, which is one of the major concerns for all stakeholders.
Moving Towards Better Indian Electricity Grid Discipline

Moving Towards Better Indian Electricity Grid Discipline – Part 1

The Indian power sector has gone through many innovative reforms for improving the grid discipline. The implementation of the Availability Based Tariff (ABT) was the most economical approach to stabilize the varying grid frequency. This article is to appraise the major changes in the permissible operable frequency range by certain amendments in Indian Electricity Grid Code (IEGC) and it encompasses all the changes in the ABT. This article seeks to investigate the efficiency of the implementation of the availability based tariff by reviewing the frequency profile of the grid. The article also highlights one scenario where Indian power system exhibited excellent discipline when suddenly load fell by 31 GW in just 4-5 minute on 5th April, 2020.
Ntpc Power Generation

NTPC achieves highest daily gross generation

The PSU’s total power generation includes those from its 25 subsidiary and JV companies too.
Power Generation Consumption Energy Management Solar Renewable


The article highlights how energy management is an important aspect of generation and the consumption of electrical energy. The article is authored by Sandip Sopan Paithankar, Post-Graduation in Energy Management, Assistant Manager – Engie Solar India