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“Smart Cities, Digitisation etc will impact the growth of UPS market in India”

The UPS market in India will witness strong growth in the future, informs Palash Nandy, CEO, Numeric during an interaction with Electrical India.

SolarEdge’s Inverter Wins Accolades

SolarEdge Technologies was voted the Gold Winner for its HD-Wave inverter technology in the Renewable Energy Category by the Edison Awards.

Numeric becomes the first UPS manufacturer to get BIS registration

Numeric, one of the leading UPS manufacturers and power quality solution providers in India becomes the first UPS manufacturer in the country to comply with Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) registration for 6 - 10 KVA range.

AGC-4: Hot Standby

DEIF's AGC-4 features proven technology for a wide range of generation systems in critical power applications.

Numeric, First UPS Manufacturer to Get BIS Registration

The UPS product offerings by Numeric already conform to the international standard-CE.

State-of-the-art Grid Tie Solar PV Inverter

Eastman’s grid-tie solar PV inverter is designed under the latest applied scientific automation. These inverters are technologically exceptional solar devices for residential homes and commercial segments…

Siemens to manufacture new generation of photovoltaic inverters in India

The state-of-the-art Sinacon PV inverter will be locally produced and manufactured at Siemens’ Kalwa plant near Mumbai for the domestic market as well as for export into the region.

Analysis Of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems

Conventionally, grid connected photovoltaic energy conversion systems are composed of a DC-DC converter and an inverter. The DC-DC converter is controlled to track the maximum power point of the photovoltaic array and the inverter is controlled to produce current in such a way that the system current has low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and it is in phase with the utility voltage. The efficiency of the conventional system is low because the DC-DC converter and the inverter are connected in series. The purpose of this article is to design a photovoltaic generation system for connection in a three-phase system using only a DC/AC inverter... - Dr. L Ashok Kumar

Reactive Power Management & Voltage Control to avoid Blackouts

Series compensation increases the transmission capacity and improves the stability of a power system. Since transmission line itself consumes reactive power as it transmits the active power... - Rajesh Chourishi

Reactive Power Cost Analysis

In this article, reactive power cost characteristics have been obtained developing the reactive power capability charts at different operating points and utilizing them to find lost opportunity cost... - Dr. Ashwani Kumar, Rajender Kumar

Performance Evaluation

In previous publications, authors have reported about the performance of the single-phase inverter topology based on controlled charging of the capacitor. The dynamic performance was not available. This article presents the dynamic performance of the inverter for various types of load, which includes leading, lagging and unity power factor, and analysis for 'total harmonic distortion' has been included... - K.Vijayakumar, S.Kannan and S.Ponnayira Sundaravel
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Inverter Heart of solar system

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world like China, South Africa, Russia and Brazil. It is the second largest country in the world as far as population is concerned and fifth largest country in the world after USA, China, Russia and Japan as far as electricity generation is concerned, in spite of that its per capita power consumption is merely 920 units. There is a huge gap in power generation and peak power demand. Renewable energy is one of the most viable solutions as we are facing serious consequences of global warming all around the globe. - Aqeel Ahmad
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Cost Effective approaches for SPV Projects & Energy Efficient Equipment

Today’s power scenario in the world and in India in particular has changed from that of 'Generation, Transmission,Distribution' to 'Generation, Storage, Distribution & Effective usage'. Solar power generation especially at the last milestone has been recognised as the need of the hour and though, India has not woken up to the effective storage and efficient use of power, the world at large is seriously looking at these dimensions. - S V Rao

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