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Safe cable guidance in the most confined spaces, with small e-chains from igus

Energy chain E2.10 offers cable-friendly design and a quick and easy assembly, thanks to the simple e-chain opener.

Safe & High with New igus Energy Supply

The e-drum was developed by igus for the safe guidance of energy, data and media such as air and liquids.

Self Regulating Heat Tracing Cable

Self-regulating trace heater cables on roofs or gutters are used to melt ice during winter months. When used in gutters the cable is not meant to keep the gutters free of ice or snow, but only to provide to free path for the melted water to get off the roof and down the downspout or drain piping. Similarly, hot water service piping can be traced, so that a circulating system is not needed to provide hot water at outlets. The combination of trace heating and the correct thermal balance where the heat output from the trace heating matches the heat loss from the pipe. Self –limiting or regulating tapes have been developed and are very useful in this application. In this paper authors like to discuss about development, uses and product classification approach to measure the temperature class of thermopads make self-regulating type trace heater model STF 15 J. - Navin Kumar, A. K. Singh, Arvind Kumar, Prasad Bhukya, Rakesh Kumar Mishra

Stay Protected from Electrical Fires

The BIS authorities, in order to keep pace with the changes in the International specification, applications and usage conditions in India, have been revising the IS 694 Standard from time to time to keep the industry and consumers abreast with these changes. The last (4th) revision of IS 694 took place in the year 2010, and this revision though long overdue, sets norms which are in tune with international specifications. The IS 694: Revision 4: 2010 forms a major basis of our analysis in this article. - Vimal Kumar Chopra

Influence Of The Joint Design

The challenge is how to perform cable underground installations in the most cost effective manner. The total costs of underground cable systems can vary widely even for the same voltage, power and length, making it difficult to generalise... - Diego Cisilino

Preventing Failure With Partial  Discharge Testing

Partial discharge inception voltage is one of the most important parameters used to characterise partial discharge. If the PDIV measurement at the new frequency is higher than at 50/60 Hz, it may create false negatives... - Henning Oetjen

Selecting Wire & Cable For Solar PV Applications

Cables are extensively used in photovoltaic systems and their management can often be critical for effective functioning. Various standards for cables used for the purpose are also being discussed. - Dr L Ashok Kumar

Selection Of Electrical Power Cables

Right selection of cables is not only very important for reliability of power supply and safety of devices as well as human beings present around them, it also prevents loss of assets and saves costly business hours. - K Sivakumar

Reliable Cable for Industry

Constant advances in materials, test standards and procedures ensure reliability and predictability.
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Preventing Electrical Fires

Shockingly, almost 90 percent of all fire accidents originate from “electrical” causes, and behind a vast majority of these fires are low-quality wires and cables, that is, either low-quality insulation or inferior conductor or both. The article provides a snapshot of how consumers, consultants, specifiers and decision-makers can avoid dreadful consequences by choosing the right kind of wires and cables. - Pratap M Anam
Igus Delta Robots Cable Safety

Energy supply in all directions with new e-spool standard from igus

Roll up 21 metres of cables and hoses safely without a motor.
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Push-in Connection Technology – The original Push-in Technology designed by Phoenix Contact

Push-in, the connection technology of the future: This requires many years of experience in development, and Phoenix Contact know-how. Benefit from the advantages of...


Every year, the coastal states of India, especially Odisha, incurs a huge monitory loss because of natural calamities like cyclone. These areas need proper power infrastructures that can withstand the effects of all natural disasters...