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Research & Development

An Overview of Superconducting Transformer Technology

Electrical energy is a major source of the entire process of evolution and modern lifestyle. This paper highlights the developments of the high temperature superconducting (HTSting) power transmission and distribution equipments such as transformer. Demand of energy, electricity generation and power transmission and distribution system require energy efficient equipments and machines...  - Hambir Singh, Muvendra Kumar Singh

Looking At The Transformer Kraft Paper

In the construction of a transformer, the most vulnerable is the paper insulation. The paper insulation begins to degrade from the day of installation. In this article, the importance of kraft paper and its process of manufacturing such as preparation, wet washing, pulping, screening, cleaning, refining, blending etc., have been presented… - Vishavdeep Jindal, Jashandeep Singh 

“We would urge our potential customers to work closely with us to support and...

Born out of the research division of GEC Alsthom, M&I Materials Limited combines the proven pedigree of long-standing products with the R&D expertise to bring new solutions to market. The company is dedicated to manufacturing specialist materials for industry and science, and is the driving force behind a portfolio of its successful brands ă including APIEZON, METROSIL, MIDEL and WOLFMET. In an exclusive interview with Electrical India, Barry Menzies, Commercial Director-MIDEL transformers fluids, is giving an account of their company’s business to P K Chatterjee. Excerpts…
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Transformer Trends

Highlighting the key technological developments in Power Transformers and Distribution Transformers. - Dr G D Kamalapur