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IMP aims top spot in transformer manufacturing

We would aim to become the No. 1 transformer manufacturing company in 132 and 220 kV class in the country. Aaditya Dhoot, Managing Director, IMP Powers Ltd.
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Transformer Industry Poised for Growth

The government’s plans of generation of renewable energy and 24*7 Power for All will generate a positive growth opportunity for transformers. – Supriya A Oundhakar, Associate Editor
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Compact Split Core Current Transformers

To avoid financial and production hampering in a plant during turnaround, compact split core current transformer (CT) is the best solution.
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Strategic mapping of Indian electrical equipment industry - Subhajit Roy, Group Editor
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“Esennar contributes to infrastructural advancement”

Sridhar Reddy Arumalla, Managing Director, Esennar Transformers sheds light on Indian power and distribution transformers in an e-mail interaction with Electrical India.

HPS distribution transformers for indoor & outdoor applications

HPS offers distribution transformers in both dry-type and oil filled technology utilising the best insulating materials.

Benefits of HVDS for Agriculture

Implementation of high voltage distribution system (HVDS) for agriculture consumers will result in reduction in losses, increase in energy saving and improve voltage profile.

Smart Monitoring

An in-depth analysis on how IoT based monitoring system enhances performance of distribution transformers.

Power Transformer Market worth US$ 29.91 Bn by 2020

The growth is due to the increase in HVDC transmission projects mainly in the Asia-Pacific region. HVDC, EHV, and UHV projects being undertaken for reducing transmission losses during transmission over large distances is the major growth driver of the large power transformer market.

ABB Launches World’s First Digitally Integrated Power Transformer

The ABB Ability™ Power Transformer, unveiled at the 2018 Hanover Fair, in Germany, will be the world’s first integrated solution for digitally enabled power transformers, fundamentally changing the transformer paradigm.

Smart Transformers for Energy Sector

The smart transformers are used to provide additional flexibility to control power distribution networks, thereby, facilitating the smooth conversion of AC to DC and DC to AC, as per requirement. Smart transformer caters to a wide variety of applications, ranging from alternative power generation to traction locomotives, power grid and electric industries, and others…

Smart Transformers Market worth USD 2.43 bn by 2022

The global market is set to witness a significant growth due to increasing emphasis on alternative energy production across the globe, digitalization of power utilities, and huge investments in smart grids and energy systems...

Reducing Stray Losses in Transformer

This article explains how stray losses in the transformer play a vital role in increasing the total losses of transformer and also suggests how the same can be reduced significantly to lowest most value by using magnetic shield which ultimately increased the life expectancy of transformer…

Study of Inrush Current

The selection of over-current protection devices such as fuses and circuit breakers is made more complicated when high inrush currents must be tolerated. The over-current protection must react quickly to overload or short circuit faults but must not interrupt the circuit when the (usually harmless) inrush current flows…

Transformers Noise Level Analysis & Reduction Techniques

The subject of deciding such as the most appropriate method and conditions for accurately measuring the noise level of a transformer has been discussed in this article...

Losses in Distribution & Transmission Lines

It is fact that the unit of electric energy generated by power station does not match with the units distributed to the consumers. Some percentage of the units is lost in the distribution network. This difference in the generated & distributed units is known as transmission and distribution loss…

Overvoltage Mitigation Techniques for PV Grid

In this case study, the authors have reviewed the conventional techniques used to mitigate the overvoltage problem and observe that they have several disadvantages. So, it is suggested a novel technique that relies on a minor modification made to the secondary windings of the distribution transformer: an extra tapping is pulled out from each of the secondary windings into a separate PV junction box which is the modified Point of Common Coupling (PCC)... Main author - Vithal Narasinha Kamat Co-authors – Nivea Chauhan, Harsh Bhatt, Payal Bhadresa, Akash Sent

Rishabh CTs – A Technological Excellence

Rishabh is having the complete basket of low tension current transformers manufactured in a world class CT manufacturing setup consisting of an automatic testing facility for all CTs with a printed Test Certificate...- Santosh R. Bhangale

“Smart Cities project will generate opportunities for Dry Type Distribution Transformers”

The area of concern is the falling tariffs within the renewable energy sector which is affecting the cost of transformers, states Manjit Singh Sethi, Local Business Unit Manager - Transformers, ABB India & Chairman, IEEMA Transformer Division in an interaction with Supriya Oundhakar…

An Overview of Superconducting Transformer Technology

Electrical energy is a major source of the entire process of evolution and modern lifestyle. This paper highlights the developments of the high temperature superconducting (HTSting) power transmission and distribution equipments such as transformer. Demand of energy, electricity generation and power transmission and distribution system require energy efficient equipments and machines...  - Hambir Singh, Muvendra Kumar Singh
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Control & Management in Power Operations

The tasks involved in the control and management of an interconnected electric power system are grouped. The first group covers the direct operational control of the system as a daily routine. The second group involves short-term scheduling, including the near future. - C. S. Indulkar

Future Solar Panel would use tricks of LIGHT HARVESTING ALGAE

Researchers claim that light-harvesting algae could increase solar panel efficiency to 95 per cent. - Rathindra Nath Biswas

Hybrid Renewable Energy Technologies for Rural India

Hybrid energy systems can be potential solutions for the electricity problems in the rural region. However, vast research is needed in this aspect to make it technically feasible to be deployed at these areas. - Dr. Vikramaditya Dave, Dr. Sujit Kumar