4 signs to indicate possibility of capacitor malfunctioning in AC systems

Capacitors mostly start getting damaged due to repeated voltage fluctuations (exposure to higher voltage)…

Presence of multiple capacitors in any HVAC system multiplies the chance of capacitor failure. Under such an event, the capacitance of one or more capacitors either goes down or completely disappears. Generally, Compressor Motor Run Capacitor, Outside Fan Motor Run Capacitor, Indoor Blower Motor Run Capacitor and Start Capacitor are used in an ordinary air-conditioning system. Capacitors mostly start getting damaged due to repeated voltage fluctuation (exposure to higher voltage).

Although, it is always suggested to call an authorised person to service the air-conditioning system, it is always helpful to have an idea of the possible fault in the system. The following four observations may help you to guess whether the AC set’ malfunction is due to capacitor failure.

• Listen whether there is any clicking sound coming from the AC cabinet, if so probably some capacitor inside is failing.
• If the compressor motor capacitor malfunctions, the AC will not produce cooling effect.
• If the outside fan capacitor is not working properly, then also the compressor may fail to produce the cooling effect.
• When the indoor fan capacitor fails, air will not come out through the ventilation grill.
Once again the above points are just suggestions for the user’s basic understanding, it is always suggested to take assistance from an experienced authorized person.

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