ABB India launches a new range of circuit breakers


ABB India has launched Formula DIN-Rail, a complete range of Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs), Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCBs) and Isolators for the electrical retail market, which is estimated to be worth 250 million USD in India. 

The ABB Formula DIN-Rail portfolio with its contemporary design provides optimum protection to electrical circuits from possible damages caused by overload, short circuits, and earth leakages in buildings. The MCBs have a seven-year warranty. This range meets international standards and is manufactured in ABB’s Smart Buildings factory located in Bengaluru, with a production capacity of 12 million poles of MCBs per year. 


CP Vyas, President – Electrification Business, ABB India said: “Our range of protection devices is designed to significantly improve the electrical performance of both residential and commercial units, creating safe, sustainable homes and buildings for the future.” 

The ABB Formula DIN-Rail portfolio is a sophisticated piece of engineering that also enables a fit with different pole configurations, includes B/C tripping characteristics (MCBs), various leakage sensitivity (RCCBs) and Isolation (Isolators) up to 63 A for residential and similar applications.


The SW200 M MCBs, which are part of this range, perform the most crucial tasks of preventing an overload on the electrical circuit by tripping before the cable is damaged. These MCBs not only satisfy the most common MCB requirements but can also be installed in any residential or similar environment, making them flexible and reliable for the end-user. 

The FW200 RCCBs in this range ensure the safety of people and installations from earth leakage current, in a systematic and calculated way. This ISI approved device works on continuous calculations of the system line currents to detect the flow of current to earth, thereby preventing accidental electric shock by direct or indirect contact, as well as protecting installations against the risk of fire. 

Furthermore, the SDW200 Isolators, which are part of the ABB SW range, provide state-of-the-art safety and comfort by separating a part of the system for conducting secure maintenance activity.


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