Active Front-End Converter with AC drive

The combination of Active Front-End Converter and variable frequency drive gives accurate speed control and dynamic braking.

Basics of Conveyor

  Mixers of raw materials are transported mostly through conveyor from one place to another place. In cement industries this distance could be in kilometres and possibly from elevated position to ground level. Continuous flow of raw material mixers is very important for productivity.

  While transporting from elevated position (inclined) it is very important to brake the conveyor speed otherwise excessive speed can occur during mass transport. This excessive speed can cause damage to mechanism of conveyor.

  The conveyor also requires smooth and slow starting. Among various starting and controlling methods of conveyor motor, Active Front-end Converter (Regenerative drive or four quadrant drive) with AC variable frequency drive is most effective and efficient way to control the speed of the conveyor and braking of the conveyor speed.

Regenerative AC drive (Active Front-End Converter with AC variable frequency drive)

  The combination of Active Front-End Converter and variable frequency drive gives accurate speed control and dynamic braking. During braking of conveyor motor the regeneration power produced while using AC drive, can be fed back through Active Front-End Converter. This operation mode provides less energy consumption in totality.

  By employing AC drives, smooth start and stop of motors is achieved which drastically reduces mechanical stress on conveyor transmission mechanism and finally gives reliable and breakdown free operation.

  Single drive or multi-drive with synchronisation function is easily possible.

Benefits of Active Front-End Converter and AC drive combination

  • Considerable reduction in energy consumption due to regenerated power feeding back to plant grid.
  • High reliability due to smooth start and stop of conveyor motor, so reduced maintenance and increased productivity.
  • Speed accuracy and dynamic braking control.
  • Compatible to plant DCS.
  • Unity power factor.
  • Due to Active Front-End converter, harmonic level under control as per IEEE 519-2014 standard.
  • Load dependent control of belt speed is possible that gives additional power saving.

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