Safely Reinforce Corrugated Tube Systems with igus e-rib

Unique clip-on solution prevents lateral deflection in corrugated tube systems...

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Corrugated tubes are mainly used where the mechanical demands on the energy supply are low. The advantage in using them is an easy and exceptionally cost-effective guidance of energy, data and media. However, fast movements can lead to damaging lateral deflections. The e-rib reinforcement from igus helps to counter this. Simply clipped onto the corrugated hose, it stabilises the deflections so that it can only move in one direction. New fixing elements provide additional support at higher dynamics.

Whether in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, plant construction or in pick & place applications, corrugated hoses and corrugated tube systems are universally used to protect and to contain cables and hoses supplying energy, data, liquids and gases. Primarily used for economic reasons, the self-supporting corrugated tube systems guarantee an efficient energy supply in applications whose mechanical requirements do not exceed certain limits. However, high cycle speeds and dynamics call for corrugated hose systems. However, from a certain length the fast movements may cause lateral deflections often leading to damage and failure of the corrugated hose. In the case of a vertically standing corrugated hose, this can lead to a break in the worst case, which can result in a failure of the machine or the installation. Therefore, existing corrugated tube systems need to be strengthened. Here, the igus e-rib is the safe and easy solution.

High-speed movements can be implemented for corrugated tubes with e-rib

The e-rib is simply clipped onto the conventional corrugated hose and secured so that the joints of the corrugated hose are filled on the upper or outer side. This stabilises it meaning it can only move in one direction. Due to the new mounting/fastening brackets of the e-rib at both ends, the hose receives a further safety, which additionally provides for a cable guidance with high dynamics. In the case of several corrugated tubes arranged side by side in parallel, the e-rib can also implement a reliable guidance. Thanks to the additional stabilisation, the installed cables and hoses are protected against excessive bending, eliminating kinking of the cables preventing machine failure. As a retrofit, the easily installed e-rib allows an upgrade of existing applications in just a few steps. The e-rib is at present available from stock in four sizes for nominal hose diameters NW23, NW29, NW36 and NW48.

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