Amplus is India’s leading distributed energy company providing clean energy solutions to commercial and industrial customers by setting up on-site solar projects…

Amplus, India’s leading clean energy solutions provider has already clocked 1 million safe manhours this year, taking the company to 15 million safe manhours to date. The achievement stands tall in the face of risks attached to solar structure installations – working at heights, uneven surfaces, electrical hazards, using power tools and groundwork equipment etc., thus underlining the choice of Amplus as a great place to work because it is a safe place to work.

Commenting on the achievement, Sharad Pungalia, MD and CEO, Amplus, said, “Workplace safety, both physical and psychological, is a shared responsibility. We intend to make an impact beyond the organization’s efforts of ensuring safe practices. Apart from providing safe systems of work, safe equipment, and necessary trainings, at Amplus we encourage everyone to be well versed with our HSE policies, remain more vigilant and say no to work if any condition feels unsafe. We collectively ensure that every employee returns home safely at the end of each day.”

Amplus has 1.4GW+ operational assets, with a total manpower of over 1800 Amplusites (on roll, contractual and temporary workforce). Known for its quality and safety-first approach, the company uses a 3E approach- Engage-Encourage-Empower to ensure the safety of all its employees.

Recognized as a Great Place to Work 6 times in a row, the organization’s belief in safety goes beyond just physical safety to ensuring psychological safety.

Amplus has also diversified into new avenues such as solar wind hybrid, battery storage, residential solar, and electric vehicle-based logistics solutions.

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