Autobot Academy: Spearheading the Evolution of Green Learning as EV Adoption Rises in India

The company has introduced several advanced virtual and hands-on training courses to develop talent for the growing EV market in India

Autobot India, India’s first and fast-growing EV tech learning company, has established the Autobot Academy. With the evolution of EV technology leading to a rapid rise in production and sales volumes, there is a massive rise in demand for green learning facilities in India. The academy has been launched to address this demand, and has become India’s leading, innovative and specialized EdTech brand for the learning and development of futuristic technologies.

The Government of India has been pushing for large scale EV adoption and the target is now set for 30% of all vehicular sales being in the EV segment (estimated to be 50% of all 2-3 wheelers and 30% of overall vehicular sales in the country). Even though the numbers are far lower than the earlier targets of complete EV sales by 2030, there would be a need to train millions of people on EV technology to fulfil the talent needs of the industry.

As the top provider of EV learning in India, Autobot Academy has been spearheading thus cause of training the workforce to cater to the domestic EV manufacturing sector. It is India’s only platform that offers the flexibility of learning models. The Academy has the largest pool of EV experts in the world and more than 50 industry partners. As the first brand to launch EV specific learning in India, Autobot Academy has already delivered over 6000 hours of Green Learning and provided successful career opportunities to more than 500 people with another 2500 plus active learners.

Speaking about this, Ashwini Tiwary, Co-Founder & CEO, Autobot India, said, “EVs are the future of mobility, and the Indian automobile sector is now gearing up for the transition. With an aim to make India an EV nation, we have established the Autobot Academy as the most reputed and comprehensive learning and development facility for future skills. We have brought in the best EV experts from all over the world to ensure delivery of an engaging learning experience integrated with top-end technologies. There are seamless learning modes with hands-on projects and well-structured courses that offer domain specialisation to the learners. Autobot Academy is already India’s number 1 brand for EV specific learning and development and the certification offered by us is highly reputed, recognised and accepted in the Indian EV industry.”

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