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Case Studies

Sensei Solutions relies on FLIR Automation cameras

When electric utilities experience a breakdown, there is not only a problem for end consumers who are faced with loss of electricity, but also...

Power Factor Compensation & Harmonic Filtration in Integrated Steel Plants

Power factor compensation and harmonic filtration in integrated steel plants is a tool to reduce stress in electrical system. The paper focuses on energy efficiency issues and advantages with compensation and harmonic filtration. The paper presents comparative study of compensation requirement in various steel plant units. It would be interesting to find that requirement is the most in Rolling Mills, BOF, CCP, BF & Sinter Plant. In fact the entire steel plant is energy guzzler and with advent of drives, automation and precision requirement, fanning out electrical system stress has become more important and crucial… - Anil Kumar Choudhary, Md Mobinul Islam

Power Generation Automation – Requirements

Wi-Fi, a WLAN conforming to IEEE 802.11b is emerging as a good replacement for LAN. It allows people to log onto the Internet and receive e-mails on the move. WiMAX an 802.16 wireless metropolitan-area network with a range of 50 km, facilitates wireless broadband access in metros and rural areas, and is a cost effective alternative to cables... - K S Sidhu

Improvements in Micro-Grid Fault Detection

Micro-grids include low voltage distribution systems with distributed energy resources and controllable loads that can operate in medium voltage grid connected mode or in islanded mode. It provides environmental and economic benefits for end-user, customers, utilities and society. However, their implementation creates great technical challenges, such as the protection. Micro-grid system has bidirectional power flows, which make traditional fault insufficient. An algorithm combining of cumulative sum and power flow method is found to be simple and faster for detecting micro-grid faults in both modes of operation... - Vikrant J. Majarikar, K.S. Swarup

Turning Around A Loss Making Steel Plant

The local electrical power supply company  imposed restrictions on the operation of the Electric Arc Furnaces,  4 hours each in the morning and evening peak periods. The plant was in loss... - C V Govinda Raju

Failure Analysis Of Energy Meters In Testing Laboratory 

Energy meter is the key component of supply system whose reliable functioning is very essential for accurate registering, controlling and monitoring, of power consumption...- Deepa Warudkar, Priyamvada Chandel, B.A.Sawale, Neha Gupta, Shilpa Singh Yadav 

An ANN Based Approach For Optimal Placement Of Custom Power Devices

Power electronics based controllers used in distribution systems are called custom power devices. These devices have been proved to be quite effective in power quality enhancement. They may be of series, shunt and series-shunt or series-series type – depending upon their connection in the circuit... - D K Tanti, MK Verma, Brijesh Singh, O N Mehrotra
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Intelligent energy monitoring with the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite and TwinCAT IoT - Sven Goldstein
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The article aims to assess the necessity of smart electricity for manifestation of smart city. - Dr. Sarat Kumar Sahoo


In this article, authors have discussed various Load Flow Analysis techniques such as Gauss-Seidel method, Newton-Raphson Method and Fast-decoupled method. With a schematic case study, they have explained a 3 bus power system study, and results of load flow studies are also presented. Power World Simulator is used for modeling the power system. Comparison and advantages, disadvantages of all methods are listed out for selection of iterative technique...


A study of applications of Matrix Converter in single phase is presented. Single Phase Matrix Converter topology (SPMC) has many advantages. It is flexible and can replace many converter topologies by its wide applications as universal converter…


Today, energy saving is the target of all industries across the world, where India too is not an exception. This is a story of lowering the energy consumption by 63%...

Constructing 400kV Towers at Brahmaputra River Crossing

North East Transmission Company Limited (NETCL) has constructed & is operating the 662.8 Km, 400 kV Double Circuit inter-state transmission corridor through difficult hilly...


Simulation results The simulation was done for the IEEE 30 bus system. The system data is presented Table 1. The load variation was represented by a...


Moving towards achieving most efficient use of energy, many programs have been brought out by Govt. of India to monitor and manage energy use...