G8 Series Advanced Parallel Controller Platform Released

Deep Sea Electronics Ltd (Hunmanby, UK) is excited to announce the release of its G8 Series – Advanced Paralleling Controller Platform.

Developed to meet future industry-demands, specifically for complex paralleling applications, including data centres, hospitals, rental and industrial, the G8 Series is DSEs most advanced controller platform to date.

The initial release includes the G8600 Parallel Genset Control with Integral Heater, G8660 Mains (Utility) Failure Controller, G8680 Bus-Tie Controller and DSE SCADA Multi-Set Remote Monitoring Software.

This new controller platform sees the introduction of DSE’s next generation technology and delivers a brand new over mould case with integrated sealing gasket, a newly designed front delivering durability and resistance to on-site contaminants as well as an improved button layout for ease of operation and an enhanced display with a higher pixel ratio to present more information to the user as standard.

The G8600 controller is fully configurable for use as a single-set, multi-set, mains (utility) failure or group controller, delivering advanced flexibility as standard.

“The release of the G8 Series is a hugely significant moment for the company. The G8 Series has been developed to meet future industry demands for complex applications and will ensure DSE customers have access to an advanced control platform that will meet their advanced paralleling requirements for years to come”.

– Simon Nadin, Managing Director Deep Sea Electronics Ltd

Advanced features across the G8 platform include:

Group Controller Functionality – The system is ideally suited to sites with multiple generators. The G8 Series allows 64 group controllers within the same system. Each group controller can have a maximum of 63 generators connected to it, meaning the G8-Series can handle synchronising systems with a maximum of 4,032 generators.

Multiple Bus Sections – This high-level feature allows certain parts of a bus to be separated into multiple sections. When a power failure / fault occurs sections of the bus can be isolated from the system until it can safely be restored.

Load Demand Schemes – The G8 Series provides multiple load demand schemes including Spinning Capacity / Calling for More Sets / Calling for Less Sets / Spinning Reserve / Balanced Engine Hours.

Advanced PLC Functionality – This software delivers intelligent drag & drop functionality for the user and provides user defined function blocks and inter-module communication, where the PLC software can communicate with all modules within the same paralleling system.

DSE SCADA – This powerful software tool provides multi-set remote monitoring & commissioning functionality and allows users to change multiple module settings at the same time using a Windows based device.

More information:
E-mail: james.maynard@deepseaelectronics.com
Website: www.deepseaelectronics.com  

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