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IndiGrid fast tracks growth with INR 16.4 billion of acquisitions

IndiGrid has completed the acquisition of three assets - RAPP Transmission Company Limited, Purulia and Kharagpur Transmission Company Limited and Maheshwaram Transmission Limited (together ‘MRP’) from its Sponsor - Sterlite Power Grid Ventures Limited.

Role of Smart Meters in Smart Grid

The goal this article is to provide the knowledge on the role smart meter technology in the smart grid. The commissioning of smart grid pilot projects for research and supporting them by Government of India shows the interest of future development. Smart meter definitely has a great role in smart grid and is considered as most important for future energy management... - Dr. Sarat Kumar Sahoo,  Vikram K

Electrification Of High Rise Buildings

Once the estimated total demand has been arrived at, we have to decide how we are going to distribute the power...  - C V Govinda Raju

An eye to the future

Stepping into its 100th year of operations, IPCL is planning to make its Asansol operations a “Smart Utility”, keeping pace with global technology and digitisation trends. – Somesh Dasgupta, Group President, India Power Corporation Ltd

Sterlite Power wins the largest project in Brazil Transmission Auction

The 1800 km transmission project represented one-third of the total auction value, which had global majors such as State Grid of China, Engie and Elecnor in the fray.

The Promising Transition

Electricity demands increase day by day causing imbalance in the present power grid system, which results in various problems like load shedding and unbalanced voltage, ultimately affecting consumers. To avoid all such situations, the only option is to meet increasing demand for electricity by generating more power. However, since we lack conventional natural resources, the use of renewables may perhaps be the only way out... - Amrita Tandon
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Optimal Placement Techniques for Distributed Generation

Electrical power is transmitted through the transmission systems from the central generating stations to the end users using a series of distribution transformers and lines. From around 1990, there has been a growing interest in connecting generations directly to the distribution system, known as Distributed Generation (DG) or Distributed Energy Resources (DER). In some countries, a strict definition of distributed generation is made, based either on the rating of the plant or on the voltage level to which it is connected to the grid. However, these definitions usually follow technical documents. - P Pavani and Dr S N Singh

KEC International acquires Power Transmission Tower manufacturing facility in Dubai

KEC International through its wholly owned subsidiary, KEC Towers LLC, has acquired automated Transmission Tower manufacturing facility with a capacity of 50,000 tons per...