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Enabling Technologies for Smarter Grid

Increasing penetration of renewable energy into the electricity grid is posing new challenges to ensure grid stability and reliability. The impact of volatile renewable generation and decentralisation of energy is driving the industry towards exploring options like IoT, robotics, Cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence.

Improvements in Micro-Grid Fault Detection

Micro-grids include low voltage distribution systems with distributed energy resources and controllable loads that can operate in medium voltage grid connected mode or in islanded mode. It provides environmental and economic benefits for end-user, customers, utilities and society. However, their implementation creates great technical challenges, such as the protection. Micro-grid system has bidirectional power flows, which make traditional fault insufficient. An algorithm combining of cumulative sum and power flow method is found to be simple and faster for detecting micro-grid faults in both modes of operation... - Vikrant J. Majarikar, K.S. Swarup
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This article provides an overview on various decision dilemmas with respect to procurement in utilities and the critical success factors which the utilities can leverage for their benefit ensuring the quality and efficiency in execution. - Yogendra Singh Butola
KEC International

KEC International wins New Orders of Rs 1,047 crore

KEC International, an RPG Group Company, has secured new orders of Rs. 1,047 crore across its various businesses. Transmission & Distribution: T&D business and SAE...

“Efficient micro grid and smart grid are very essential…”

Dr. N. Kumarappan is a Professor in Annamalai University. He is also the current Chairman of IEEE Madras section. In a free-wheeling e-interview with the Editorial Team of Electrical India, he is expressing his views on different critical areas of Indian Power Sector. Excerpts…

Steps to Revitalise GENCOs

The last month, I mean February 2022, was quite eventful for the Indian power industry considering revelations of some of the trendy outlooks and...

Power Distribution Systems in India

Programs are simultaneously working on many fronts to ensure technical up-gradation of distribution network, to ensure stability of power supply to consumers.….

Ancillary services through Microgrid for Grid Security & Reliability

Microgrids can provide potential Ancillary services to the power system for maintaining its voltage profile and frequency. These services also improve stability, security of system and reduce congestion. These will be source of revenue generation for microgrid owner’s in near future and will be of great importance to the power market players…- Prof. Mrs. Kalyani M. Kurundkar, Dr. Mrs. G. A. Vaidya.

Super Grid – A Profitable Solution For Sustainable Energy

Energy Transition takes place in day to day life. Present Electricity Grid needs to adapt to the flexible loads and necessary transmission of renewable energy. Super Grid can be a possible solution to face this energy transition... - N S Srinath, C Arun Agoram, Dr.N Kumarappan

Open Access with Blockchain enabled Smart Metering

Blockchain technology is expected to extend the benefits of investments in renewable energy microgrids and a change of ecosystem to the consumers through open access. - Dr. Vithal N. Kamat
Power Demand Supply Electrical Exchange India Limited

The Resurgence of the Electrical Sector?

Prabhajit Kumar Sarkar, Managing Director & CEO, Power Exchange India Limited (PXIL) speaks to Electrical India on the lockdown, the demand for electricity and the method and strategies adopted to ensure that operations continue unhindered. - By the Electrical India Editorial Team


The most important constraint of the power system i.e., supply-demand balance constraint can be met either by optimizing the generation side or the demand...


India will soon have a modern and smart power transmission system with features such as real-time monitoring and automated operation of the grid, better...

Solution for Transmission & Distribution Network

The smart grid is a self-healing network equipped with dynamic optimization techniques that use real-time measurements to minimize network losses, maintain voltage levels, increase reliability, and improve asset management...

KEC International Wins New Order of Rs 1,496 crore

KEC International has secured new turnkey order of Rs 1,496 crore in its Transmission & Distribution business in Bangladesh for design, supply and installation of 400 kV Meghnaghat – Madunaghat Double Circuit Transmission Line.

KEC International Wins New Orders of Rs 1,491 Cr

Transmission and Distribution Business has secured turnkey orders of Rs 1,257 crore across India, SAARC, East Asia Pacific, Middle East, and the Americas.
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Smart Grid: Vision for India

The article discusses that smart grid development is one of the most important technology revolutions currently taking place as electricity grids are the world’s large blocks of infrastructure still need to be digitised.
Electricity Grid Discipline

Moving Towards Better Indian Electricity Grid Discipline – Part 3

Figure 3 shows the all the year-wise adjustments in the allowable frequency range. It is clearly evident how wisely the commission has continued to...


Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited (KPTL), a leading global EPC player in the power and infrastructure contracting sector, has secured new orders and/or notifications of...

Power Sector – A Glass Half Full

The sector is rightly poised to witness a strong growth subject to continued policy impetus. The tremors of the state’s unilateral action could jeopardise the bankability of projects and could risk the 175GW renewable plan of federal government, if left unchecked.