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PV Emulator: New Designing & Testing Approach

To achieve the target of solar generation by 2022, the approach and methodology opted should be made faster, efficient and cheap. PV Emulator is contributing towards this by providing an easy platform for testing and designing in dynamic conditions along with less space and capital requirements…

Reliability Of Solar PV Plants

Against the background of increasing costs of conventional power, concerns regarding availability and reliability of power from grid and long term commercial feasibility of solar power, commercial and industrial consumers are installing rooftop solar technology to meet their captive needs... - Rajnikanth


Recently the power minister R.K. Singh has revealed a summary of the steps taken to promote the renewable energies (REs)…
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Coating India’s Rooftops with Solar Photovoltaics

It is a known fact that India is a rarest of the countries rich with sunlight radiation and offers the best hope to revolutionise solar energy in the world. It receives about 5,000 trillion kWh of radiation annually. For every square kilometre 50 MW of solar power can be commissioned that can yield average annually 42.5 GWh of electricity assuming present PV cell efficiency of 15%. - Jaideep N Malaviya

Effect of Environmental Conditions on Performance of Solar Panels

This article shows a study of environmental defects generally occur in solar panels with their visualization methods. Some open environmental defects are visible by naked eye can be identified by by visual inspection. The effect of shading is one of the important factor considered in the condition monitoring of solar panels. The shading of tree on solar panels increase the temperature of solar panel surface, which is not visible in the photographs captured by normal camera. Such heat effects can be detected by thermal imaging camera easily.
the covid 19 crisis is hurting but not halting


- This Electrical India Content Team The world is set to build fewer wind turbines, solar plants and other installations that produce renewable electricity this...

DEIF Completes 3.6 MW Project

DEIF with its experience and expertise in the field of power generation control solutions introduced the Automatic Solar Controller…
Risen Synergetic Contract Upc Ac Energy Solar

Risen signs a synergetic contract with UPC-AC Energy Solar

Risen Energy Co., Ltd, achieved a structured 140MW supply contract with UPC-AC Energy Solar Asia Limited (UPC-AC Energy SA). UPC-AC Energy SA is a...

Solar Rooftop: Attractive Option of Grid Security

The development of rooftop solar projects makes considerable sense for commercial segments as the levelised tariffs are significantly lower than grid-based tariff. These segments are, therefore, driving growth in the rooftop solar space, followed by the government & institutional segments.

Vikram Solar Launches Half-Cut-Cell Module

Vikram Solar has launched a new line of solar modules at Renewable Energy India Expo, Greater Noida.

SolarBuggy with Chainflex Cables

Cables from igus make solar-powered off-road vehicle "Froggee" fit for the world record…

Hanergy signs US$130M solar roof tile contract with Japan’s Forest Group

The contract that is signed between Hanergy Thin Film Power Group and FGS, a subsidiary company focused on solar power business under Forest Group, intends to bring to use and put together the expertise and the rich sectorial experiences of both companies to optimize Japan’s photovoltaic market.
SECI issues tender for 15 MW Floating Solar Plant at SCCL

SECI issues tender for 15 MW Floating Solar Plant at SCCL

The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has floated a tender inviting proposals from qualified companies for establishing of 15 MW floating solar PV...

Vikram Solar wins Best Employer Brand Award for Kolkata

The award competition involved critical scrutiny of various areas such as employment generation potential, growth trajectory, previous and new strategies.
Duke Energy Rooftop Solar South Carolina

Duke Energy proposes an agreement to expand rooftop solar in South Carolina

Duke Energy stated an agreement with leading solar installers, environmental groups and renewable energy advocates that, if approved by regulators, will create long-term stability...
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MYSUN expands its presence in 7 states

MYSUN, a provider of rooftop solar solutions, has expanded its operations and client base across seven Indian states in the last financial year.
Planning & Design, Power & Energy Sector, Technology updates, latest updates on energy and Power Today | History of Karnataka Power Sector - Electrical India Magazine on Power & Electrical products, Renewable Energy, Transformers, Switchgear & Cables

History of Karnataka Power Sector

Among all the existing small capacity power generation technologies, solar PV technology is the most suited technology for generating electricity on the rooftop of the existing buildings in small capacity and integrating them into the LT Distribution networks... - L Somaraju 

“We become a friend by offering a One-stop Solution…”

Over the last five decades, Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. (PLSIND), formerly know as Anchor Electricals, has been manufacturing electrical products of outstanding quality.Today, it has a big contribution in the solar power segment too. In an exclusive e-interview with the editorial team of Electrical India, Amit Barve, Business Unit- Head of Solar at PLSIND, focuses on their activities related to the solar industry. Excerpts…
Power Generation Consumption Energy Management Solar Renewable


The article highlights how energy management is an important aspect of generation and the consumption of electrical energy. The article is authored by Sandip Sopan Paithankar, Post-Graduation in Energy Management, Assistant Manager – Engie Solar India