SUPCON Waste to Energy Total Solution

As a process automation leader, SUPCON explores our vision for innovation and provides digitalization solutions in Power Sector to optimise your operation.

Challenges ahead

According to the world Energy Council report, the global waste is estimated to reach 6 million Tonne per day by 2025. Household rubbish, which is on top of huge amounts of waste generated from activities such as manufacturing, construction, and energy production, has attracted overwhelming concerns, driving the waste management policies to evolve continuously.

The last decade has witnessed a fast development of waste management plans and legislation. One of the most famous policies is the five-step waste management hierarchy: prevention, reuse, recycling, recovery, disposal. Especially considering the exacerbated energy crisis people have been searching for viable ways of converting Waste to Energy (WTE).

To fulfil our mission, we take multiple steps to help build an intelligent and safe society. We cooperate with our partners and clients to develop digital plants with 5T technologies (AT – Automation Technology, IT – Information Technology, PT – Process Technology, OT – Operation Technology, ET – Equipment Technology) and help achieve high-quality, low-carbon, and sustainable development for the process industries. We help upgrade power industry and other utilities with automation and digital solutions to offer a green and reliable environment for people around the world.

As a leader in automation and digitalization technologies for the process industry, SUPCON collaborates closely with the renewable energy sector, especially the WTE industry, understanding its challenges and developing tailor-made solutions to overcome them and increase efficiency.

The SUPCON integrated automation control solution provides seamless integration across the entire plant control platform. With our full hardware product line, we can meet a wide range of demands, from compact systems to large-scale systems, from basic control to advanced optimization. We help clients build safe, stable, easy-to-maintain, efficient green plants.

In the Power Industry, SUPCON has served more than 200 + WTE power plants worldwide, out of which 90+ waste incineration power plant and 100+ biomass power plants. By leveraging the automation & digitalization expertise, SUPCON has devised series of process automation and plant-level information based integrated solutions to help clients make challengesinto chances.

SUPCON offers

  • Integrated control system
  • Improve production efficiency
  • Avoid unplanned downtime
  • Reduce emission
  • Supervisory & Management information platform
  • Make the best of data
  • Optimize operation efficiency
  • Minimize operation cost.

The whole system, including the process control system, plant-level supervisory system, management information system, enterprise-level operation optimization system, and upper business intelligence system, is designed in compliance with the power industry demand and grid security regulations.

Success story

SUPCON India is pioneer in providing solution in WTE Industry and have successfully completed many projects as lists below:

  1. M/s. Ramky Group -Hi MSW – 2 x 660 TPD WTE based   19.8 MW Power Plant
  2. M/s. Ramky Group – Delhi MSW – 350 TPD
  3. M/s. JBM Group – 1 x 650 TPD WTE based   15 MW Power Plant
  4. M/s. Ramky Group – REWA – 1 x 500 TPD
  5. M/s. Ramky Group – Dindigul –Tamilnadu 1 x 500 TPD
  6. M/s. Pune Bio Energy – 750 TPD WTE based   16.5 MW Power Plant

Kim Hock Teo joined SUPCON Technology on February 20, 2021, as Vice President, International Business. He has extended his contribution to create sustainable value for the process industry and contributed to creating an efficient, secure, and green future.

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