Conference on Clean and Green Technologies: Urjavaran

Energy and environment are closely linked with certain sectors of technology, and have major impact on all life forms, particularly arising out of climate change. A unique series of conferences called URJAVARAN, hosted by ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers), addresses the concerns related to these global issues, with special emphasis on energy conservation and enhanced energy efficiency.

The theme for URJAVARAN 2019 is ‘Energy, Sustainability Roadmap for Healthcare and Hospitality’, and is scheduled to take place in 28 Indian cities and 4 overseas locations.

A panel of experts at these conferences share their knowledge and ideas on the air conditioning industry focused on energy and sustainability, followed by a lively interaction with a well-informed audience. URJAVARAN generates awareness and synergy between industries and helps create an efficient plan of action for a total clean and green future in these sectors.

Vikram Murthy, President, ISHRAE, said, “We live in a time and age where the impact of energy has become significantly more aggressive. So, it is important for conferences like URJAVARAN to help initiate a multi-stakeholder dialogue across industries in order to create and discuss innovative solutions to the energy need of humans.”

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