FLUKE 972A & FLUKE 972B Temperature Humidity (Thermo-Hygro) Meters

Two new professional grade Temperature Humidity Meters, that are fast, easy to use, suits your applications and fit in your budget.

FLUKE, the world leader in portable handheld test and measurement instruments, introduces a set of 2 New Temperature-Humidity Meters in India market.

  • FLUKE 972 A – Temperature Humidity Meter with Internal Sensor
  • FLUKE 972 B – Temperature Humidity Meter with Internal & External Sensor & Wet Bulb, Dew Point Measurement
  • FLUKE 972 ES – External Sensor for Fluke 972A & 972B Models

Temperature and humidity are two important items for comfort test of indoor air and environment. The Fluke 972 Series Temperature Humidity Meters can quickly and easily collect accurate humidity and temperature data. It features streamlined industrial design and is comfortable to hold. Simplified buttons require no complicated operations. The selected high-precision sensors ensure that reliable data is collected. The Fluke 972 Series is an indispensable environmental monitoring tool for facility maintenance and engineering technicians, HVAC service contractors, R&D and manufacturing engineers, and professionals involved in indoor air quality (IAQ) assessments.

Features and Benefits of New Fluke Temperature-Humidity Meters

  • Quickly measure Temperature & Humidity.
  • Calculate Wet Bulb and Dew Point Temperatures (Fluke 972B).
  • Quick settling humidity sensor to capture quick humidity changes.
  • Large 2-inch HD display for easy & clear viewing.
  • Two models, Fluke 972A & 972B with internal and external probes.
  • Accuracy of ± 0.4 °C and ± 3% RH, to meet industrial grade testing requirements.
  • 99 sets of stored data, easy to review (Fluke 972B only).
  • Comfortable grip and ergonomic design.
  • Reinforced sensor protective cover for worry-free operation.
  • Long battery Life, with Automatic switch-off feature to save battery.
  • Free Protective Carry Case for instrument.
  • 1 Year Fluke India replacement Warranty.

Major Applications for Fluke 972 Series T-Rh Meter

  • Facility Maintenance for maintaining HVAC performance.
  • Food & Pharmaceuticals – Production, Storage, Transportation
  • Cold storages, Laboratories & Data Centers
  • Paper, Cardboard, Textile Manufacturing Industries
  • Electronics & Semi-conductor manufacturing
  • Green House Facilities & Agricultural Research
  • Clean Room Applications

Fluke 972 Series Meters have fast-settling sensors which can measure quick changes in parameters and gives most accurate readings to its customers. The sensors are covered with a protective cap to prevent damage while storage.

The Fluke 972 Series Temperature Humidity Meters addresses common challenges faced by customers on day-to-day basis, plus more – reducing your customers’ frustrations and addressing their unique needs – all with the quality and accuracy they can only get from Fluke tools.

All models come with a carry case and backed by Fluke India 1 Year replacement warranty.

For information:- Email: info.india@fluke.com,
Website: www.fluke.com/india

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