“KUSAM-MECO” High Performance High Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester Model- Km 5305In / Km 5310In / Km 5315In

KUSAM-MECO has introduced a new range of High Voltage Insulation Resistance Testers suitable for indoor & outdoor (400KV switch yards) application. They are available in 3 Voltage Ranges: Model KM 5305IN (5KV/10TΩ), Model KM 5310IN (10KV/20TΩ), Model KM 5315IN (15KV/30TΩ). All models have output Short Circuit Current ≥ 7mA. The instruments can also measure Polarization Index Test (PI) & Dielectric Absorption Ratio Test (DAR). It  also  provides  for  Ramp  Test  Mode. It can also measure AC/DC voltage 0-1000 Volts. Current 0-9mA & Capacitance Test 10nF~25mF. It has an adjustable Test timer range 0-9999 seconds. It can store real-time data with test date, time, total 1000 groups. It has USB port and by help of USB cable can upload the data to PC. It has “Low battery” indicator to remind the user to charge the battery. It also has APO function to shut the Power after 15 minutes of no activity. Suitable voltage rated coloured Test leads for line, Earth & Ground are provided with the instrument. Also provided is USB communication cable, software CD, Tool Bag.

For further information:
E-mail: sales@kusam-meco.co.in,
Website: www.kusamelectrical.com

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