The GL312g live tank circuit-breakers will use GE’s g3 (pronounced ‘g’- cubed) gas insulating and switching technology, which is an alternative to SF6…

GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions has been awarded a three-year framework contract with SP Energy Networks (SPN) in the UK for the supply of 145 kV Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6)-free live tank circuit-breakers utilizing GE’s g3 gas as the insulating and switching dielectric medium.

Commenting on their attachment, Graham Campbell, Director of Processes and Technology for SPN, said, “We’re continuously evolving our operations and looking for ways to make our network more environmentally sustainable. This work with GE over the next three years will allow us to take another step forward in our push towards achieving net zero emissions in the future.”

Following a tough tender qualification process, GE has secured 80% of the forecasted volume of 145 kV SF6-free live tank circuit-breakers to be supplied to SPN under the three-year ‘High Voltage (HV) Main Plant’ framework agreement, which will run until June 2024. The agreement will cover the majority of SPN’s 145 kV SF6-free live tank circuit-breaker requirements over the UK’s RIIO-T2 regulatory period.  SPN is also planning to take other high voltage equipment from GE, such as disconnectors at different voltage levels to cater to the needs of the SP Transmission (SPT) and SP Manweb (SPM) networks in the UK.

Today, 28 leading electrical utilities have already adopted GE’s g3 products for their high voltage networks, avoiding the addition of more than a million tons of CO2 equivalent to the grid.

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