India’s largest EV Charging Network, BOLT, Deploys the Pixis AI Infrastructure and Witnesses Incredible Results

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Amidst the rapid EV revolution that’s taking the word by storm, BOLT – India’s largest EV charging network recently leveraged AI to supercharge their demand generation by 6X. With an estimation of 102M EVs to be set up in India by 2030, the startup is braced to provide the charging infrastructure that is so integral to the smooth running of EVs.

Amidst all its disruptive plans, BOLT recently announced its appointment as principal sponsor for Delhi Capitals, and is continually working towards spreading awareness about the sustainability benefits of transitioning into EVs. As part of its demand generation efforts, BOLT took to adopting the Pixis AI infrastructure to battle the challenges of finding and reaching its audience at scale.

Leveraging AI to supercharge visibility

Bolt’s objective was clear, it needed to increase awareness about its products to increase its market penetration across India. To do this, it was important they cater to India’s various cultures and languages through its marketing communications.

However, the sheer scale of this type of a campaign involved a host of uncontrollable variables, thereby, requiring a unique strategic approach. Considering the scale of the pan-India campaign and the challenges involved, Bolt zeroed in on using the Pixis AI infrastructure to successfully execute its marketing strategy.

The Pixis suite of AI products, namely the codeless AI Optimizer enabled Bolt to analyze billions of data points to create relevant and effective campaigns at scale. The AI recommendations for targeting, cohorting, and pico-segmenting allowed for location and language-specific communication delivery. Through continuous real-time AI-led bid and budget optimization, BOLT was able to stabilize costs even as the scale of campaigns began to rapidly rise.

Speaking about the results of the AI-led campaign, Amin Shaikh, Head of Digital Marketing at Bolt said, “BOLT’s audience reach increased by 68% and our sales grew by 6X in two months. Additionally, we also surpassed the CTR benchmark of 0.3% to 80% and received more than 10,000 EV charger orders within three months of the campaign’s commencement. These are incredible results that were made possible through the Pixis AI Optimizer.”

Reflecting on their entire experience with the AI products, Amin Shaikh continued, “There is often a misconception that startups should not be investing in AI as it is expensive or complicated to use. However, our decision to leverage AI is proof of the fact that as long as there is a plan and place for AI in your marketing strategy, the size of the business does not matter.”

Bolt also leveraged the AI to build a customized framework to scale its TVC and video creatives. To streamline the campaigns, they looked at automating personalized creative mapping based on relevant customer locations and cohorts.

“It is always a pleasure and a thrill when our customers observe unprecedented marketing gains by harnessing the Pixis AI infrastructure. Amin and the marketing team at Bolt challenged every stereotype by intelligently and seamlessly integrating AI into their marketing strategy.” commented Neel Pandya, CEO – Europe & APAC, Pixis.

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