Installation connectors and installation cables by Phoenix Contact

Connect cables easily and flexibly with our installation connectors and installation cables. Depending on the application, choose between simple cable connections, convenient power distribution or compact device connections. Robust housings and high degrees of protection up to IP69K enable reliable power transmission outdoors and in wet environments.

Your advantages

  • The right connection technology for every application: Fast IDC contact and easy Push-in Technology
  • Quick and easy assembly without special tools
  • Flexible power distribution design with fixed and pluggable versions
  • High degree of reliability with robust housings up to IP66/IP68/IP69 degree of protection and IK08 shock resistance
  • The electronics are thoroughly protected as the housing does not need to be opened, even when connecting the power supply

IPD installation system

with Push-in technology

Experience simple power distribution with the IPD installation system for buildings and infrastructure equipment. IPD (Installation Power Distribution) is fully pluggable and ideally suited for your lighting applications. The Push-in technology allows you to connect 3- and 5-position cables up to 2.5 mm² conveniently and without tools, even in difficult-to-access areas. Thanks to the IP67 degree of protection, IPD can also be used safely outdoors and in wet areas.

QPD installation system

with QUICKON IDC connection

Industrial power distribution does not have to be time-consuming or complicated. The robust IP68/IP69K QPD installation system for capacities up to 690 V/40 A is proof of this. Thanks to the proven QUICKON IDC displacement connection, cables up to 5 x 6.0 mm² can be connected quickly and easily, without the need for stripping or special tools. You can choose either fixed or plug-in connections to create flexible distribution solutions. Device connections can also be implemented easily without having to open the device. This means that the delicate electronics remain protected from environmental influences.

QPD product range overview:

  • Panel feed-throughs

The panel feed-throughs are cable glands that can be connected from the outside. As a result, devices no longer need to be opened in order for cables to be connected. This ensures that the manufacturer’s specific protection class is maintained.

  • Cable connectors

The cable connector can be used to lengthen or repair cables. When combined with connectors, cable connectors can be used as flexible coupling connections.

  • Connectors

The connector with leading PE contact is ideal for quick device replacement in service situations or for installations with pre-assembled cables. It is coded to prevent incorrect connections.

  • T-distributors

Installing a branch line for loads is easy with the compact T-distributor.

  • H-distributors

The H-distributor is a compact, robust junction box that can be connected quickly. The four connections are connected in parallel to each other, which also allows them to be used as a star distributor.

QUICKON insulation displacement connection

Secure connection in just a few steps

The QUICKON fast connection is based on IDC insulation displacement connection technology and is designed for applications where round and AS-Interface cables need to be connected efficiently on site. The connection can be disconnected at any time, which means that components can be reused. This connection system allows you to connect multi-position cables in just a few steps. The fast-connection technology automatically provides contact and strain relief when tightened. The quick and easy handling of the QUICKON fast connection means that the connection time can be reduced by up to 80%.

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