Končar’s team certifies Nynas’ bio-based transformer fluid

A view of filling up the transformer with NYTRO BIO 300X…

Recently, Nynas has delivered its new bio-based transformer fluid NYTRO BIO 300X to Končar Distribution & Special Transformers in Croatia. Končar’s technical team in Zagreb, Croatia, has tested the 40 MVA, 145 kV transformer after filling it with the insulating liquid NYTRO BIO 300X.

Commenting on their test result, Ivanka Radić, responsible for transformer oil at Končar D&ST, said, “The thermal and dielectric tests on the transformer filled with NYTRO BIO 300X were completed successfully, and the unit is considered fully functional. As expected, the DGA results before and after the IEC 60076-2 standard temperature rise test were perfectly acceptable.”

Adding to Ivanka’s comment, Vedran Maljković, Quality control manager at Končar D&ST, said, “The results of the factory acceptance tests were highly satisfying, with the transformer behaving as expected. Oil temperatures were an impressive 10 degrees lower in the unit than when a synthetic ester insulating liquid was used.”

The technical and commercial teams at Končar D&ST and Nynas worked closely together to achieve the successful outcome of the delivery and the subsequent tests. In connection with their conclusion, Nynas presented Končar D&ST with a certificate as the first to implement a 40MVA 145 kV transformer filled with NYTRO BIO 300X.

Highlighting the environment-friendliness of the new product, Thomas Feischl, Sales Executive Nynas, said, “In addition to meeting and exceeding the IEC 60296 ed 5 (2020) specification, the product is readily biodegradable, fully bio-based and has ultra-low viscosity.”

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