“Kusam-Meco” AC / DC 100 kHz TRMS Digital Multimeter Model KM 789

KUSAM-MECO   has  introduced  a new multimeter  AC / DC 100 kHz TRMS Multimeter Model KM 789. This multimeter has features, which are not available in a single instrument of any other make available in India. It has High Safety features which protects the user from any accident due to the transient voltage, and also damage to the multimeter itself. It has surge protection of 8 kV (1.2 / 50 µS surge).

This instrument measures DC Voltage  up to 1000 volts, AC + DC Voltage up to 1000 volts, Resistance up to 60MΩ, Conductance up to 99.99nS, capacitance up to 10mF, Logic level frequency up to 1 MHz, AC voltage up to 1000 volts, (100 kHz Frequency band), LoZ Auto – DCV up to 1000 volts, LoZ Auto – ACV up to 1000 volts, AC + DC current up to 10 amperes, DC current up to 10 amperes, AC current up to 10 amperes, Temperature up to 1090°C, Hz Line level Frequency up to 50 kHz. In addition, it has features not available in any other comparable instrument, such as DC Loop current % x (4 – 20mA), BEEPLIT Continuity Tester, BEEPLIT Diode Tester, Crest Mode (Instantaneous Peak hold), % Duty Cycle, VFD AC Voltage, Non  Contact EF – Detection (NCV), RECORD Mode (MAX MIN AVG),  and dBm measurement.

The instrument is light in weight and is supplied with a protective holster. The display is 4 5/6 digits, 60,000 counts. The update rate is 5 per second. It operates on 03 numbers, 1.5V, AAA Alkaline Battery, and has automatic power off feature. It meets the various “UL” safety standards. The overload protection on volt, mV, Ohm, and other functions   is 1000 volt DC / AC RMS.

More information: E-mail: sales@kusam-meco.co.in    Website : www.kusamelectrical.com

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