“Most of the our products are of unmatchable quality…”

Next Gen Equipments Pvt. Ltd. (NGEPL) is an active organisation in the Indian power sector with its strong technical know-how. Management team of the company has over thirteen years of experience in the Indian power industry. In an exclusive interview with Electrical India, Ather Salim, Director, NGEPL, is talking to P K Chatterjee about their business.Excerpts…

What is the latest global trend in the HV Testing & Measuring Equipment industry?

Currently the Global Testing and Measuring Equipment market is growing at 25% CGAR and this would go to 28% over the period 2016-2017. Asia-Pacific accounted for majority of market share in 2014-15. China and India are major contributors – and expected to grow rapidly till 2020.

One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increased demand in power and electronics products. Electrical Test & Measurement Instruments’ demands are predominantly driven by the power sectors and their reforms.

The energy management system includes energy saving by monitoring as well as by controlling the energy losses. Also, industrialisation with more process oriented high energy industries is the key driver for the growth.

How is the demand for HV Testing & Measuring Equipment growing in the Indian power industry?

There is a lot of excitement among investors here about ‘Make in India’ and the ambitious target that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Government of India have set to ensure 24×7 power for all households as also for the industry and the farmers.

Investments are expected across diverse areas of the energy sector including in renewable as well as transmission and Distribution (T&D) segments. New investments will definitely give the boost to the Indian Power Sector, and will further translate into new business opportunity in T&M segment .

Also, with Indian power sector now focused on setting up 1,200 kV AC and HVDC transmission line apart from strengthening 765 kV & 400 kV lines across the country, the High Voltage Testing & Measuring industry is going to have a phenomenal growth in the coming years – as all the OEMs need to strengthen their testing facilities for meeting the demand of the Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution companies in India.

To what extent, are we still depending on import in this field?

We are heavily dependent on imports as these are very specific instruments, and domestic demand is not at such scale that indigenous manufacturing becomes feasible. Also, the reliability and customer acceptance is very important for most of the customers to still focus on imported equipments.

Moreover, major testing equipments like Impulse Generators, Resonance Test Systems, Loss Measuring Systems, Static Frequency Convertors, Online DGA etc.; apart from other small portable equipments like Cable Fault Locators, IR Tester, WRM, TTR etc.; and for many other producs our industry is still heavily dependent on Imported High Quality products.

How are the Testing & Measuring equipment manufacturers of Indian origin faring?

In the recent times, many companies have set up the manufacturing facilities for ‘Make in India’ products. But they are heavily dependent on the imported raw material or parts. Quality and Reliability are still big issues with many indigenous products, and customers are facing major after sales service issues.

As India has a price sensitive market, and products of the Indian origin are finding their places mainly in the PSU and the government sector, where the tenders with L1 criteria of pricing is major weightage, most of the private entities still prefer to buy the technologically advanced and reliable products imported from Europe and the USA.

What are the organisations that mainly buy these Testing & Measuring equipment?

In a span of five years, we have established ourselves as a major player for Sales & Service Support of T&M equipments in Transformer Industry. Our customers are mainly Transformers OEMs like ABB, ALSTOM (NOW GE), SIEMENS, Transformers and Rectifiers (India), Schneider, EMCO, CG GLOBAL, TELK, PRIME, TOSHIBA, TESLA, and IMP. They are our major clients apart from ERDA and CPRI.

Also, companies like NTPC, POWER GRID, SEBs and many captive power plants buy these testing equipments – apart from world renowned labs like NPL, ERTL, NTH etc.

Which are the internationally famous brands that are being represented by you in India?

We are representing four major companies namely Raytech Switzerland, EPRO Austria, EMJAKPOWER Switzerland & M/s Risatti Instrumensts Italy – with wide range of products used for T&M sector. We also supply equipments from M/s Midtronics, USA for battery testing and Stanhope SETA, UK for Oil Tetsing Equipments.

We are also adding new products like C&Tan-Delta Test Set, CT Analyser and Transformer Loss Measuring System in our portfolio to increase our reach. Also, with Motor Testing Equipments from Risatti, we are sure of increasing our customer base to many major motor/ rotor manufacturing companies in India.

How wide is your presence in the Indian power sector?

We are not very big as far as the market share is concerned, however, we have strong presence in entire transformer industry in India. All major transformer manufacturers are using our equipments.

Most of our businesses originate from existing customers, which show that they have confidence in our products and services. We are now focusing to increase our market share with small transformer manufacturers as well as motor Industry.

What kind of post-sales support do you provide to your customers?

Over a period of time, our focus has shifted from a trading organisation to one point solution for all T&M business with highly reliable and rugged products. We have enhanced our team in the back office for better customer experience – for new as well as existing customers. We provide prompt and full on site service support to our customers and opened a Lab at Vadodara, to ensure a hassle free and prompt after sales services for products, which were earlier required to be sent to the principals for up-gradation and rectification, thereby we are reducing the waiting time for the customers.

We carry stock of all the critical spares for providing very quick and reliable service support to all our customers. We believe in holding our old customers through their satisfaction. They are our best promoters in the industry.

What are the new types of equipment that you are planning to bring to India?

We have added Capacitance & tan Delta Test Set, CT Test Set, Transformer Loss Measuring System as well as motor Testing Products. Raytech products are in itself unique in the Industry and our new 2.5 KV C & Tan Delta Test System is the first Battery Power C & Tan Delta Test Set. We are soon coming with 10-12 kV Tan Delta Test Set as well. Also, the Loss Measuring System from EPRO GmbH is unique – as we expanded our Standard CTs’ & PT’s of 0.005% accuracy to a highly accurate Loss measuring System even at very Low Power Factor.

The accuracy is backed by certification form PTB Germany. Also, the Eectronic Power Supply (Static Frequency Convertors) are an excellent replacement to the MG Sets and customers should understand the advantage it has over the traditional MG Sets used in the DVDF Testing. Also, the new products from Risatti for Motor, Stator & Rotor Testing is having its own advantage and uniqueness in the Industry.

We will be showcasing many unique products Including CT Tester, ROTOR Testers etc. in the upcoming ELECRAMA 2016 at our stall H3A2.

What would you like to communicate to your potential customers?

Most of the our products are of unmatchable quality, reliability and are very user friendly. After experiencing the performance of our units, end users don’t wish to use any other make. We along with our principal’s are committed to provide best of class service support and quick response to customer needs across country.

Next Gen and its principals are known for excellent products and best service support across the industry. We wish to provide best products in the market on affordable cost.

We deliberately work with world class companies whose products and supports are up to a level – where all the customers feel satisfied after experiencing the products’ unique features we offer to them.

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